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Wilfried Knight


Wilfried Knight, a man and porn star who earned legendary status at Lucas Entertainment, will always be remembered as one of the most professional and charming models who has ever worked with the studio. The French performer was a man who captured the camera the minute filming began -- his masculine good looks, strong and natural body, and rugged sex appeal made him an instant star from his debut in “Auditions 1.” From that initial film Wilfried has starred in a number of Lucas Entertainment features, including “Michael Lucas’ Dangerous Liaisons,” “Assassin,” and “Kings of New York.” Several awards decorate Wilfried’s time spent in the industry; most notably being his 2005 win as Out magazine’s Hottest Porn Star! Wilfried Knight has appeared in 19 Lucas Entertainment productions, as well as dozens of scenes, and his body of proves why he will always be remembered for his outstanding character and screen presence! He will be greatly missed by family, friends, and admirers alike.

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  • Remy2001 posted an update

    How sad and sorry I am to have heard that Wilfied committed suicide after the death of his partner. I have so enjoyed his scenes. He was such a charming, masculine. I too have been suicidal several times throughout my life. I do not understand why I remain and others do not. No judgment, only love and compassion.

    Posted on Aug 19, 2018
  • Boyhandsome posted an update

    I'm so sorry, love.

    Posted on Feb 02, 2016
  • lean musc posted an update

    Wilfried has been one of my top faves for a long, long time - such a great fuck, too. I'm glad I've got his films.

    Posted on Mar 24, 2013
  • IMIN2PORN posted an update

    It's sad that some believe this is the only answer....RIP Wilfried

    Posted on Mar 23, 2013
  • Rimmers69 posted an update

    Rest in peace dear Wilfried.
    We will mis you ......

    Posted on Mar 12, 2013
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