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Auditions 11: Wilfried Knight - Front Cover

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Shot entirely on location in Spain, Lucas Exclusive Wilfried Knight auditions a bunch of Mediterranean studs!


Release Date: Jul 14, 2006
Runtime: 105 minutes
Genre: Gay Porn

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Alberto - Gay Models - Lucas Entertainment


Goateed stud Alberto has experience performing in everything from sex shows to ballet, all around Europe! And he loves to cum in public! Watch as he gets down and dirty with Wilfried Knight in Auditions 11.

Anthony - Gay Models - Lucas Entertainment


Wilfried Knight had known Anthony from a trip to Berlin, so he knew he'd be perfect to cast for Auditions 11. Anthony's previous experience in front of the camera shows in his sweaty threeway with Knight and newcomer Fabricio.

Armando - Gay Models - Lucas Entertainment


Muscle god Armando makes his porn debut in Auditions 11: Wilfried Knight. At 15 he started doing gymnastics and then followed up with weight training, rowing, and horse-riding to maintain his amazing physique. His favorite activities in bed include rimming and getting fucked!

Fabricio - Gay Models - Lucas Entertainment


Smooth-skinned Brazilian Fabricio says he's studying to be a priest, but based on his performance with Wilfried Knight and Anthony in Auditions 11, we think he's better suited as a porn star. This versatile hottie loves to ride horses in his free time.

Martin - Gay Models - Lucas Entertainment


Wilfried Knight was crushed when he first emailed Martin on a match-making website a couple of years ago and never got a reply back! But then he finally snagged the tattooed cutie for Auditions 11, where—surprise, surprise—Martin ended up asking Knight to marry him! How the tables can turn...

Pedro - Gay Models - Lucas Entertainment


Pedro lives outside of Madrid but comes to town often to visit his boyfriend Alberto. He tells Wilfried Knight in Auditions 11 that it was always a dream of his to do porn... after seeing what he can do with a fist and a dildo, we think it's his destiny!

Wilfried Knight - Gay Models - Lucas Entertainment

Wilfried Knight

Wilfried Knight, a man and porn star who earned legendary status at Lucas Entertainment, will always be remembered as one of the most professional and charming models who has ever worked with the studio. The French performer was a man who captured the camera the minute filming began -- his masculine good looks, strong and natural body, and rugged sex appeal made him an instant star from his debut in “Auditions 1.” From that initial film Wilfried has starred in a number of Lucas Entertainment features, including “Michael Lucas’ Dangerous Liaisons,” “Assassin,” and “Kings of New York.” Several awards decorate Wilfried’s time spent in the industry; most notably being his 2005 win as Out magazine’s Hottest Porn Star! Wilfried Knight has appeared in 19 Lucas Entertainment productions, as well as dozens of scenes, and his body of proves why he will always be remembered for his outstanding character and screen presence! He will be greatly missed by family, friends, and admirers alike.


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