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Mon, April 08, 2013

D.O. and Adam Killian have a sweaty Flip-Fuck!

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The topic on today’s show is beauty, and Adam Killian leads the discussion with his guests: Derek Hartley, Epiphany, and D.O. As the discussion heats up Adam continues to pay close attention to D.O., who takes advantage of his attention. They head back to Adam’s apartment to get to know each other better, but that only means they want to sleep with each other. And when D.O. takes his clothes off and shows his body, we see a damn close example of perfect masculine beauty. Adam and D.O. suck each other off and flip-fuck like the horny hunks they are. D.O. takes Adam’s cock first, and then they swap and D.O. gets to experience exactly how plump Adam’s bubble butt is!

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