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Kings of New York (Season 1)

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The topic on today’s show is beauty, and Adam Killian leads the discussion with his guests: Derek Hartley, Epiphany, and D.O. As the discussion heats up Adam continues to pay close attention to D.O., who takes advantage of his attention. They head back to Adam’s apartment to get to know each other better, but that only means they want to sleep with each other. And when D.O. takes his clothes off and shows his body, we see a damn close example of perfect masculine beauty. Adam and D.O. suck each other off and flip-fuck like the horny hunks they are. D.O. takes Adam’s cock first, and then they swap and D.O. gets to experience exactly how plump Adam’s bubble butt is!

  Category:  Blowjobs  Rimjobs  Uncut Cocks  Monster Dicks  Flip-Fucking  Muscle Men  Blockbuster Episodes 



Adam Killian

Adam Killian

With his dark features, muscled body and chiseled face Adam Killian is a sex god to be worshipped. This versatile tattooed stud loves to show off in front of the camera and when he fucks he always changes into as many positions as his partner can take! Hailing from the California coast Adam Killian loves to fuck in water. The wildest place he has ever had sex was: in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Mykonos, Adam claims. Our bodies were under water but there were people everywhere around us. His favorite part of sex is feeling like and animal during the act. With his thick cut dick and full meaty ass Adam Killian's favorite place to have sex is in front of mirrors so he can watch every last thrust.



Despite his reputation as a top, the porn star sensation from Argentina known as D.O. decided that there is no place better for him to give up his anal virginity in gay porn than at Lucas Entertainment! His debut bottoming scene was with Hot Rod, who couldn’t offer him a bigger cock to take. D.O. first began his career in modeling, but he realized that his other assets were going to waste.  D.O.’s favorite part of sex is a good deep rimming and he has a strong affection for black guys. D.O. likes black guys so much he fantasies about getting caught in a threesome with two of the hottest mocha dudes out there. He already had one, so who is the next volunteer?

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  • fabian32 posted an update

    Adam and D.O. Both very hot. Simply mmmmmmm

    Posted on Jun 06, 2013
    • Rimmers69

      Adam and D.O. are my favorit sex beasts !!!

      Posted on Jun 06, 2013
  • tony posted an update

    DO deserves a better cock
    Adam could not have a real erection
    with DO you must have a good cock to fuck

    Posted on Apr 18, 2013
  • Quercus posted an update

    Adam Killian is a super sensitive, sexy, erotic performer. He has the best job in the world - working for Lucas and getting to hook up with gorgeous men. D.O. is a flawless beauty and is simply irresistible, and he knows how to perform. Great chemistry here. What super cum shots! How could anyone resist tasting the elixir from these two god-like men. What a great scene. Kudos to all.

    Posted on Apr 14, 2013
  • Rimmers69 posted an update

    Always HOT fireworks when D.O. and Adam Killian play together !!!

    Posted on Apr 14, 2013
  • Counsel2 posted an update

    DO is to die for. My perfect man. Handsome and beautiful and a sensational performer.

    Posted on Apr 14, 2013
  • mrfixit posted an update

    that was so hot, I love Adam's grunting ; ()

    Posted on Apr 11, 2013
    • ga65

      I do too. I love his panting and growling too. I couldn\'t understand why D.O. kept shushing him. Maybe he was afraid someone would overhear and think they were having sex.

      Posted on Apr 12, 2013
  • Goldengate posted an update

    More D.O. scenes please .... he actually is the hottest bottom. But also as top he is perfect. Would like so much to see him in a sizzling hot flip fuck scene with Alex Marte. Both tongue-fucking each other a long time ....
    Or D.O. paired with Rafael Carreras or Alencar for a flip fuck .. or both guys paired with Alex Marte ...
    And what's up with gay pornstars like Mike Branson, Virgil Sainclair, Matt Cole, Daniel Marvin, Jason Kingsley, Jed Willcox and Leo Giamani. It would be hot to see all of them paired with actors like Adam Killian, D.O., Alex Marte or Trenton Ducati.
    Trenton should also have a hot scene with Alex Marte. As also Adam Killian with Alex Marte. Perhaps a hot threesome. But with more attention on Alex. He has been too much neglected in the movie Awake. His horny ass should be much more in the right light and licked long and deep.
    The movie Awake was announced with hot images, which showed that Alex gets fucked by Adam but unfortunately, there was no such scene in the whole movie. Therefore: more Alex Marte please and more Adam Killian, more D.O. and also more Trenton. This four are my really favorites. :-)

    Posted on Apr 08, 2013
  • leconte posted an update

    April 7

    Just love seeing Killian taking it up his beautiful ass! But, D.O. should use Spunk lube green to make it even more pleasurable for him!!

    Posted on Apr 07, 2013
  • wolf posted an update

    There is always something special, D.O. to see in a movie

    Posted on Apr 07, 2013
  • Nicky13x posted an update

    Great acting guys. Especially Killian. I will remember the money shots in this scene for months. Love it all around; I give it four cocks up gentlemen.

    Posted on Apr 06, 2013
  • MSChocolate posted an update

    Adam fucks D.O. with passionate abandonment. Great scene guys.

    Posted on Apr 06, 2013
  • ga65 posted an update

    Great, hot scene. Adam is superb on the bottom and on top, as always. Impressive cumshot from D.O.

    Posted on Apr 06, 2013
  • Suit&Sheer posted an update

    Adam Killian and D.O. are the perfect and versatile actors for an scene of the Gentlemen Collection series. Both wearing exqusites suit, shirts and long sheer socks (Adam in blue long spanish executive sheer socks and D.O. in gray long spanish executive sheer socks - shoes off from beginning to end) while fucking on a white linen bed (nice contrast of skin and socks over linens - more impacting). Chris / Lucas...lets do this scene as a special scene and make it a threesome with the one and only Christopher Daniels. 3 versatile actors (bottom/top) that can swicth easily...a total boner!

    Posted on Apr 06, 2013
  • Rimmers69 posted an update

    Phenomenal like always Adam Killian !!!

    Posted on Apr 06, 2013
  • wolf posted an update

    D.O. again phenomenal - I hope there are many more movies with him at Lucas

    Posted on Apr 05, 2013
  • Quisiri posted an update

    I love the way D.O. Bottoms he is my favorite . I would love to see Rafael Carreras fuck D.O. Hardcore :)

    Posted on Apr 05, 2013
    • Veemee

      write a comment...That would be phenomenal....

      Posted on Apr 11, 2013