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Marcus Isaacs

Marcus Isaacs

New York City resident Marcus Isaacs is a muscular hunk who joined the hardcore gay porn industry to travel, earn notoriety, make money, and have ass-pounding sex with other hot guys! He was a bartender, DJ, and gym enthusiast before he joined the industry, and now he can’t stop having sex! Marcus favorite activity in bed is getting fucked, pure and simple, and he prefers men who have lots of muscles, a big dick, and have dark features!

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  • jjb61 posted an update

    I love how Marcus is vocal when he fucks or gets fucked. Also, he one's of my fantasy fucks. Never happen, but a guy can fantasize.

    Posted on Jun 28, 2015
  • BoyBloo posted an update

    i love how Marcus really loves ass to mouth and other ass to mouth. You can tell that he really loves the taste of a finger or cock out of an ass, his own or any other hot stud. He just makes it look so delicious. A hot pig!

    Posted on Jul 09, 2014
  • leewrd posted an update

    He says he love's to get fucked and it shows; looking forward to seeing more of this hot guy.

    Posted on Jan 19, 2014
  • Gregory posted an update

    Marcus is the most appealing guy I've seen on this site since Troy Daniels. More, more, more.

    Posted on Jan 18, 2014