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Fostter Riviera

Fostter Riviera


Fostter Riviera has made a name for himself in hardcore gay porn for three good reasons, even though he only needs one: he's got a massive uncut cock, he's incredibly handsome, and he fucks like he was bred for it. Fostter's first appearance on Lucas Raunch not fucking, but burying his own fist in his hole!

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  • PillowtalkPM posted an update

    I just love Fostter. He might not be the most handsome star on this sight, but he is so very, very sexy. And he adores sex. As much as I want to sebe his ass plowed over and over again, he is an amazing top. And that fat and long cock of his is in-fucking-credible. And he sure knows how to use it. I just love watching him... So enthusiastic in the every performance. I'm hoping there's more on the way. He's like a younger version of Jonathan Agassi (one of your original piglets). How about Fostter with Raul Korso (they're amazing together) and add in some other powerhouse performers such as Letterio Amadeo, Zander Craze (he genuinely loves having sex on camera), Dolf Dietrich and Logan Rogue? They all throw themselves into every performance and it shows. And maybe Dylan James, too because he's so fucking hot. And Logan Moore... Is he can keep up.

    Posted on Aug 19, 2015
  • bubble posted an update

    foster is so sexy. I love his dick and his beautiful butt. Ken

    Posted on Jul 31, 2014
  • ToF648 posted an update

    mmmmmm sexy!

    Posted on May 31, 2014