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Ashton Labruce

Ashton Labruce

The handsome and ripped Ashton Labruce may have been born in Mexico, but he currently lives up north in Canada because he loves the ranch life. Ashton decided to do some work filming in gay porn because he wants to live his life on his terms. "I am a passionate advocate of being oneself. To me, nude modeling is the ultimate way to express my will to live life my own way without other people's rules. It is my means to share my point of view about human nature, which I find amazingly perfect. I am truly happy to advocate for self expression, suppression of censorship, and decriminalization of things that cause no harm to people," Ashton says. When asked what he likes to do when he's not filming, Ashton stated the following: "I do a lot of stuff, as I love keeping myself busy. What I enjoy the most is working at the ranch, swimming, and training in gymnastics."

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  • DiegoFrida posted an update

    Sexy as hell! Hope he comes back.

    Posted on Jan 25, 2019