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Mon, December 31, 2018

Max Arion Joins As An Exclusive Model

Lucas Entertainment is thrilled to announce that Max Arion has recently signed on with the studio as an exclusive model.

Max Arion is an Australian born hunk with an incredible 10-inch uncut cock between his legs, and he knows how to use it. Matched with his puppy-dog good looks and manly gym body, it’s all of these alpha-male attributes that led Max into the world of gay porn as an exclusive model for Lucas Entertainment.

In Max’s own words: “I’ve always been sexually adventurous and comfortable in my own skin. I’ve been doing life modeling for photographers and artists for years. In that time I became more comfortable with more erotic ideas and expressing my sexual and creative side. Sex for me is an important part of my life that I enjoy sharing, so this seemed like a fun and adventurous next step.”

Max has been a Lucas Entertainment fan for years, and he wanted to join up with the studio he’s enjoyed watching to get off. “I was excited to have my industry debut with a company that’s content I enjoyed myself. The fact they have some of the sexiest men in gay porn and I’ll get to work with them, that’s the cherry on top.”

Max had a lot of fun the first time he was on location filming with the studio, and it took the whole experience of showing off his body and sex appeal to a new level, all while working with a great cast and crew. “Everyone is uplifting and helpful. Having fun, hanging out, the great sex in these amazing locations… it is pretty wild.”

Max Arion’s debut Lucas Entertainment movie was “Bareback Cuckolds,” where he starred alongside Sean Xavier and Ashton Labruce. More exclusive content featuring Max is due for release in January 2019.

1 response to Max Arion Joins As An Exclusive Model

  1. Guamanian said on January 13, 2019

    When I was a bit younger I had no interest in UC dicks! Well my brain has had an AHA MOMENT! Mostly because of the documentary on Netflix- it’s a must see—

    I am wondering if we can get Max to give the CUT guys a lesson in what it’s all about? Like how your dick gets its own precum, what UCut skin is most sensitive, can you cum without shooting a load ; anything will be helpful and also just regular blow jobs and fucking? I have no clue what I lost and I think I now know the reason why it takes me a while to shoot a load! MAX TO THE RESCUE PLEASE!




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