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Wed, May 27, 2015

Lucas Entertainment Changes Download Options | Also Launches Redesigned Lucas Raunch And Sex In Suits

Lucas Entertainment has changed its download policy. We now offer 20 free downloads a month to our members.

A membership with Lucas Entertainment originally allowed four (4) free downloads per month. We then also featured a “Downloads” section where two (2) staff-chosen scenes were available for download on Lucas Entertainment and on Lucas Raunch, equaling a total of four (4) free scenes a week. This tallied up to sixteen (16) free scenes a month.

But we’ve decided to simplify the process. Instead of our staff arbitrarily choosing those 16 free scenes, we’re opening it up to our members to download whatever they want every month.

So, those 16 scenes along with the four we originally offered brings the total to 20 downloads a month. These renew at the beginning of every month and do not carry over, so make sure you use them all before each month is over!

We’ve also upgraded the Lucas Raunch and Sex In Suits websites to be fully mobile friendly and have a more modern layout — reflecting the main Lucas Entertainment site. Keep an eye out over the next couple of weeks for upcoming content updates!

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