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  Brice Farmer Barebacks With Joey Pele, Alejandro Alvarez, And Esteban Nice
Brice Farmer Barebacks With Joey Pele, Alejandro Alvarez, And Esteban Nice
on 01.23.15

Brice Farmer returns to Lucas Entertainment to bareback with Joey Pele, Alejandro Alvarez, and Esteban Nice! And I don’t want to be biased, but I’m now on the lookout for Alejandro Alvarez because he loves taking raw cock as much as it is given to him. Brice and Joey take on the roles as tops, and Alejandro teams up with Esteban to bottom for their throbbing uncut cocks. But Alejandro’s persona as an ever-hungry sex pig shines around 42:50 when Joey feeds him his dick while Brice pounds his ass bareback!

  Joey Pele, Fernando Torres, And Rafael Carreras Bang Tomas Lopez Raw
Joey Pele, Fernando Torres, And Rafael Carreras Bang Tomas Lopez Raw on 01.19.15

What's better than this past Friday's scene featuring Joey Pele fucking Tomas Lopez in his ass bareback with his fat uncut 8.5-inch cock? Watching Joey Pele fuck Tomas Lopez while Fernando Torres and Rafael Carreras wait to take their turns on him, too. And I promise that they, too, get their turn inside Tomas! This scene isn't a foursome -- it's a miniature gang-bang, and Tomas is the sole and central receiver for all of the hard and raw uncut cocks! Oh, and for all of the fans of ass-to-mouth out there, check out 21:36 -- Joey sucks on Rafael's cock right out he pulls out from Tomas ass when he finishes fucking the stud raw!

  Joey Pele And Tomas Lopez’s Bareback Ass Fucking
Joey Pele And Tomas Lopez’s Bareback Ass Fucking on 01.16.15

The natural sounds that come up in this scene are what make it stand out. Joey Pele once again proves to us that he’s passionate when fucking a bottom; so don’t let his young and sweet face fool you. This guy knows how to get his cock sucked and fuck an ass. And if there’s anyone who can take it, it’s Tomas Lopez: at 34:15 the bed squeaks so loud from the bareback power fucking it sounds like the frame is going to fall apart!

  Watch Tomas Lopez’s Bareback Sex Debut With Fernando Torres
Watch Tomas Lopez’s Bareback Sex Debut With Fernando Torres on 01.12.15

When a smile crawls across Tomas Lopez’s face it’s impossible not to notice just how adorable this guy really is. Not only is he cute, but he’s got a beautiful body and an impressive uncut cock between his legs too. And when he turns around you’ll see that his ass is pure artwork; it cries out for a fucking. Fernando Torres, Tomas Lopez’s real-life boyfriend, stars in this scene with him, and you can tell from Tomas’ eyes that he’s hungry for Fernando’s thick uncut cock from the beginning, and after some kissing he wraps his lips around the meat and shows us what he can do with his mouth. But it’s Tomas’ ass that we’re all interested in, and I think Fernando will agree. We get to see how much of a pounding Tomas can take, especially at 25:20. But don’t rule Tomas out as a top: at 35:15 Tomas doesn’t give up on Fernando’s ass, who just relaxes and strokes his own cock with each thrust!

  Adam Russo And Jed Athens Pound Each Other Raw
Adam Russo And Jed Athens Pound Each Other Raw on 01.09.15

A sexual encounter -- starring Adam Russo and Jed Athens -- like this appeals to two different consumers of gay porn: viewers who enjoy men in suits and viewers who like younger, slimmer, and smoother men paired with hot, sex, and furry daddies! Jed Athens always has a healthy appetite for sex with hot guys, and Adam Russo sets a new bar for him. A favorite example of mine happens early on at 4:40 -- Adam has Jed turned around and is exposing his ass, but pay attention to when Adam unbuttons his shirt and pulls back his blazer a bit: the teasing exposure of Adam’s rock-hard pecs and stomach is beyond intoxicating! It’s a great way to lead into to the deep-throat sucking and bareback ass fucking shared between Adam Russo and Jed Athens!

   Nick North, Josh Milk, And Aaron Steel -- Water Sports Threesome
Nick North, Josh Milk, And Aaron Steel -- Water Sports Threesome on 01.08.15

After the hardcore threesome between Nick North, Josh Milk, and Aaron Steel that appeared in "Raw Double Penetrations 02," they finish off their time together in the tub of their hotel room's bathroom. Fans of hot porn stars taking pissing in the mouth, filthy rimming, and ass-to-mouth (especially with piss still on their tongue) you won't want to miss this scene!

  Dato Foland And Tomas Brand Make Passionate Raw Uncut Love
Dato Foland And Tomas Brand Make Passionate Raw Uncut Love on 01.05.15

Who could have asked for a hotter pairing? Lucas Entertainment’s exclusive model and gay porn superstar Dato Foland returns to the camera, and he is paired with one of the hottest hunks in the industry -- Tomas Brand. Both of these guys have a firm hand during sex, so watching the dynamic between the two of play out makes this scene an incredible start to 2015. If you’re reading to find out exactly what happens in the scene, you won’t be given all of the details for this encounter -- it’s something you will have to watch to enjoy. However, I will drop a few hints. At 7:05, Dato lies back so Tomas can give him a slow and attentive blowjob; fans of foreskin will greatly enjoy the teasing and tasting Tomas invests in Dato’s uncut meat. And despite the tenderness of their sex in the beginning, Dato doesn’t hold back when he pumps Tomas bareback, and around 25:15 Tomas is even seen pushing back on Dato’s dick a little bit. Now that’s true affection!

  JD Ryder And CT Hunter Enjoy Bareback Flip Fucking
JD Ryder And CT Hunter Enjoy Bareback Flip Fucking on 01.02.15

There is something sexy about a Latin guy with slicked hair, and that counts for JD Ryder. Then again, who is actually paying attention to his hair? When there’s a hot Latino in the room with a nice body and a hard dick, it’s a waste of time and effort if he doesn’t use his cock to his full advantage. CT Hunter feels the same way, as he’s hungry for some businessman dick up his ass. Don’t hold back, JD!

  Joey Pele Returns To Fuck Alejandro Alvarez In His Ass Bareback
Joey Pele Returns To Fuck Alejandro Alvarez In His Ass Bareback on 12.29.14

Joey Pele returns to fuck Alejandro Alvarez in his ass bareback: I’ve said before on the Lucas Blog that Alejandro Alvarez is a champion barebacking bottom. Alejandro relishes his chosen position, and he continues to demonstrate his love for taking cock with Joey Pele in this new scene from the upcoming “Uncut Raw Lovers.” And the word “lovers” is accurate, as the Latin lover in Alejandro Alvarez comes alive as he slowly and erotically caresses Joey Pele’s body with his lips and tongue. His mouth is a pure tool of pleasure, as seen at 13:00. Joey slips off his underwear and strokes his huge piece of uncut meat before Alejandro sets to his task of giving Joey an incredible blowjob. But with a pairing like this, it’s all about the anal: the fucking starts at 27:00, but around 31:35 you see what Joey can give and what Alejandro can take, and it will leave you wanting a lot more. And don’t miss the cream pie at the end: let’s just say Joey Pele leaves Alejandro Alvarez sloppy and sticky!

  Dato Foland Gets A Gay Bareback Orgy For Christmas
Dato Foland Gets A Gay Bareback Orgy For Christmas on 12.26.14

Dato Foland gets a gay bareback orgy for Christmas: While Tanner Bradley is riding Santiago Figueroa’s cock, Dato Foland and Nigel Banks not-so-accidently find them in the middle of their heated sexual affair and decide to jump in balls deep. But the situation wouldn’t be complete without Donnie Dean and Ivan Gregory. What ensues is something Dato Foland has always wanted for Christmas: a gay bareback sex orgy!

  Logan Rogue And Letterio Amadeo Suck And Fuck Raw
Logan Rogue And Letterio Amadeo Suck And Fuck Raw on 12.22.14

The minute Logan Rogue and Letterio Amadeo appear on screen with one another, their encounter explodes with passion -- our videographer provided very little direction, and the final edit was put together with few transitions. Logan and Letterio for a while now have been anxious to work together, so we made an effort to bring that desire to life. In the beginning, Logan is a hungry cock sucker who swallows Letterio’s uncut penis with delight -- and he knows to stare up at Letterio while he’s balls’ deep down his throat. At 16:50 minutes in you’ll see what we mean. Logan Rogue is the first to get his ass fucked bareback by taking a ride on Letterio’s lap. Though Logan is a good bottom, he really knows how to give it too, and Letterio bends over with his ass up to find out -- check out 25:02 to see what we mean. And fans of cream pies should not miss this, either!

  Pedro Andreas And Dato Foland Suck And Fuck Bareback
Pedro Andreas And Dato Foland Suck And Fuck Bareback on 12.19.14

Pedro Andreas and Dato Foland suck and fuck bareback: It’s been years since we’ve last seen Pedro Andreas in a gay porn movie, but that all changes with his return to the industry. Pedro chose Lucas Entertainment as the studio where he’d make his return, and who better than Dato Foland to welcome him back? Both Pedro and Dato are strong performers -- literally and figuratively -- and the chemistry between the two of them is apparent from the onset of their encounter together. These guys go after each other hardcore, and there’s some fixation on each other’s nipple and armpits. Dato And Pedro are thick and uncut in the pants and take turns sucking on each other’s cock -- after awhile the back and forth gets old, so they take care of it with some 69 action -- watch out for it around 10:40. But what we’re really after is the bareback fucking, especially watching Dato Foland take it from Pedro. Can he handle it? Well, around 24:00 minutes into the scene you’ll get to see for yourself. All I’ll say is the look on Dato’s face is priceless. Congratulations on the strong return, Pedro!

  Lucas Knight, Tanner Bradley, And Santiago Figueroa’s Bareback Threesome
Lucas Knight, Tanner Bradley, And Santiago Figueroa’s Bareback Threesome on 12.15.14

Lucas Knight, Tanner Bradley, and Santiago Figueroa’s bareback threesome: What cock-whores Tanner Bradley and Lucas Knight prove themselves to be. The trio begins their morning by wrapping presents, but after a short time Lucas and Tanner lure Santiago out of his clothes. Santiago isn’t complaining, however, and enjoys feeling Tanner’s lips wrapped around his dick. Tanner Bradley proves to be the biggest cock-whore of all in the end: just watch him bounce on both Lucas and Santiago huge cocks.

Most Watched

  Michael Lachlan Shows Seth Treston and Addison Graham Who's Boss
Michael Lachlan Shows Seth Treston and Addison Graham Whos Boss
on 03.21.14

Michael Lachlan always looks good no matter what: in athletic clothes, a suit, naked -- well, he's preferred to be naked. His face is handsome, his body is incredible, and the big fat uncut cock he has between his legs is a killer. And it's this battering ram that Seth Treston and Addison Graham want to play with, and play with it they do! They guys go back and forth over who will get to take a ride on it first, and who can blame them?

  Austin Chandler Fucks Armond Rizzo in His Tight Latin Ass Bareback
Austin Chandler Fucks Armond Rizzo in His Tight Latin Ass Bareback
on 07.11.14

This is honestly what gay bareback sex is all about: two hot guys who look awesome in and out of their clothes, huge raw dicks, and unmatched momentum during fucking! Austin Chandler has appeared on Lucas entertainment in a raw gay porn sex scene with Nova Rubio, but here he is with Armond Rizzo; it’s his first time on the site. Armond is incredibly attractive: a beautiful face, incredible skin, a killer body, and a mouth-watering cock. He’s got it all! This is a versatile encounter, so Armond slips it in Austin, but it’s when Austin tops Armond that the true fun begins. He doesn’t take it easy on the Latino, and Armond deserves some kudos for handling the action. Austin his huge in the pants and he’s not gentle, which makes it all the more fun!

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  Tomas Brand Bottoms for Fabio Lopez in His Second Bareback Sex Party
Tomas Brand Bottoms for Fabio Lopez in His Second Bareback Sex Party
on 08.22.14

After the first gay bareback sex party clears out of their apartment, Tomas Brand and Lucas Entertainment Exclusive Model Fernando Torres are still hot and bothered. They continue to mess around: Tomas gets another hard-on and fucks Fernando some more. But the Tomas Brand’s apartment door is constantly revolving, if not then why else would Joey Pele just show up and slip into Tomas seemingly out of nowhere. For that matter, why else would Alejandro Alvarez, Marc Sanz, Nick North, Misha Dante, and Fabio Lopez also stop by (or make a return appearance)? But one thing is for sure: Watching Fabio Lopez fuck the ass raw of a muscle baddy (Tomas Brand, of course) surrounded by their admiring onlookers makes this scene worth every second!

  Dato Foland's Bareback Sex Premiere With Michael Lucas
Dato Folands Bareback Sex Premiere With Michael Lucas
on 10.06.14

In Dato Foland’s premiere gay bareback sex scene with Lucas Entertainment, he debuts with Michael Lucas. The encounter begins with the couple in a hotel room kissing and undressing from their cleanly tailored suits. Once their shirts are off Michael unbuttons Dato’s pants and sucks on his thick uncut cock. The oral sex continues as the two men switch positions and Dato wraps his lips around Michael’s uncut dick. After some sensual foot play, Michael licks and fingers Dato’s tight hole, teasing it before he slips his dick deep inside. Dato particularly enjoys getting fucked on his back -- just listen to his moaning! Michael wets his hole more with some extra rimming, and then he grabs hold of him tight and fucks him until he cums.  Afterward Michael sucks on Dato’s cock until he shoots his load in his mouth!

Alessio Romeros Bareback Premiere
Alessio Romeros Bareback Premiere

“Alessio Romero’s Bareback Premiere” features one of the gay porn industry’s hottest muscle bears fucking raw long and hard for Lucas Entertainment! Drew Sumrok is the first to take Alessio’s dick bare, and afterward he works up another load for Derek Parker in a sweaty flip-fuck encounter. Also included is a no-nonsense, high-energy romp between Comrad Blu and Shane Frost and CT Hunter taking Taye Knight’s raw cock!

Fire Island Cruising Raw
Fire Island Cruising Raw

This past summer the Lucas Men had plenty of fun at the beach, and it was all captured on camera in “Fire Island Cruising Raw.” Tanner Bradley and Jack Styles end their sunbathing on the resort deck quickly to instead suck off and fuck each other in bed. Comrad Blu takes a balls-deep ride on Adam Isaacs hard uncut cock. Nigel Banks and Ivan Gregory fuck each other bareback by the water at sunset. And Jack Styles returns for more raw dick, and Taye Knight is the lucky guy to give it to him!

Dato Folands Bareback Premiere
Dato Folands Bareback Premiere

“Dato Foland’s Bareback Premiere” has finally arrived in the gay porn industry, and it’s Lucas Entertainment that landed the release. Dato’s first ever encounter with raw sex on camera is with Michael Lucas, and is followed up with him pounding Jimmie Slater’s tight hole and getting his own ass fucked by Pedro Andreas, who came out of retirement just for Dato. And in a bonus scene, Michael Lucas returns to fuck the hunky Tomas Brand bareback. “Dato Foland’s Bareback Premiere” sets a new standard in the gay adult film industry!

Raw Double Penetrations 2
Raw Double Penetrations 2

“Raw Double Penetrations 2” is the follow-up to our hit movie featuring hot guys getting their assholes stretched open bareback by two cocks at the same time! Lucas Entertainment Exclusive Dato Foland, Theo Ford, Logan Moore, and Craig Daniel begin the movie with a raw fucking foursome. Then Michael Lucas and Alejandro Alvarez double penetrate Josh Milk. Aaron Steel takes Nick North and Josh Milk in his ass at the same time. And Alejandro Alvarez returns for double the pleasure from Tomas Brand and Toby Dutch!

Dato Foland
Dato Foland

Don’t be fooled by the exotically handsome Dato Foland: while he’s one of the most beautiful men to ever work in the gay adult film industry, he’s still a man of simple tastes. When we asked him where his favorite place is to have sex, he answered casually: “My bedroom.” Dato was originally born in Russia, but has since moved to Madrid, Spain. His career in hardcore gay porn started because he loves sex -- and there’s no better reason than that. After all, who would want his stunning eight-inch uncut cock to go to waste? Dato Foland is versatile sexually and his favorite aspect of sex is the sensuality of kissing. And even better than that, Dato has no specific type of guy, so long as the man he’s with has a relaxed disposition.

Jake Andrews
Jake Andrews

Jake Andrews is a handsome guy who knows how much he loves having sex, and if it's bareback fucking, he's totally on board! Jake is flexible when he's in the sack -- both in terms of what he likes to do along with his ability to use his body for his partner's pleasure -- and that includes topping and bottoming. Jake's favorite part about sex is the feeling of first feeling a raw cock slide into his ass, and his fantasy is a raw bang-bang where he's the center of attention!

Jimmie Slater
Jimmie Slater

It is impossible not to fall into Jimmie Slater’s dimples: when he flashes a smile, anyone would melt. Jimmie has a tight furry body, and when you combine that with his topping skills he’s an amazing score! Jimmie loves getting his cock sucked -- he says it’s the perfect foreplay before he fucks a guy. And he takes fucking seriously, especially when his lover is on all fours: the deeper the better! Lucas Entertainment is offering you the most gorgeous gay porn models and invites you to take a look in our gallery and scenes.

Jack Styles
Jack Styles

Jack Styles -- his Texas-born sex star currently lives in Oregon, but Jack Styles traveled all the way to New York City to film with Lucas Entertainment because it’s the high quality of the studio’s porn that he wants to perform in. Jack is very sure of his looks and ability to fuck, which is why he decided to start having sex on camera. Jack Styles loves it all when it comes to having gay bareback sex, and so long as his partner is hung and sexy, he’s happy in bed. In fact, Jack used to be married to a woman, and whenever she was out of the house he’d invite men over to have sex in the marital bed -- talk about HOT!

Tanner Bradley
Tanner Bradley

Tanner Bradley is a graduate student currently living in Florida, but he’s from San Diego. The gay porn industry called his name when several different people said to him he should consider getting involved, and since he’s proud of his cock he agreed. Tanner’s favorite sex position is the 69 -- he loves the sensation of having a dick in his mouth while feeling himself get sucked at the same time. The wildest place he’s ever had sex was in a public parking garage!

Joey Pele
Joey Pele

The sweet-faced Joey Pele was born in Brazil, but currently lives in Brussels where he’s popular with all the local European bottoms. Why, you ask? Well, he’s got nearly nine inches of fat uncut Latino cock in his pants, and those gay porn models can’t resist sucking and riding it.

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