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Ben Batemen

Ben Batemen

Lucas Entertainment’s exclusive Russian model Ben Batemen is the full package. His handsome face and adorable smile will make you melt. His stunningly muscular body will make you hard. And his big uncut cock will make you beg. Ben’s is not shy when it comes to pounding an ass, but if he finds a worthy top he will bend over and get fucked without mercy! Ben's favorite sexual activity is anal sex, and he especially loves fucking a random guy -- no kissing or passion. All Ben Batemen wants is raw fucking!

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  • CocksALot posted an update

    So glad to see he is going to be in this new film! The DP is definitely something we all would to enjoy with him!

    Posted on Mar 23, 2021
  • Patric posted an update

    Ben Batemen is one sexy dude...this Russian guy is my favorite. his hairy chest, man nipples and tattoed body makes him so sexy hot..... Ben Batemen is one hot bottom for sure. bring him back soon......maybe with Rico Marlon or Lucas Leon ??

    Posted on Feb 25, 2019
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      Posted on Oct 16, 2020
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      Posted on Feb 03, 2021
  • PillowtalkPM posted an update

    Oh. Ben... how I've missed you. But you used your time away wisely, and beefed up like a hot daddy. As much as I love you as a top... you're such an amazing bottom that should be fucked in every scene... especially now with that big bubble butt daddy ass. OMG... that is a thing of beauty!!!!

    Posted on Nov 30, 2018
  • PillowtalkPM posted an update

    Ok, Michael, now I'm getting worried. Is Ben Bateman no longer a part of Lucas?

    Ben... I miss you!!!

    Posted on Nov 17, 2018
    • Patric

      Is Ben batemen not longer working for Lucas entertainment and for which studio is he now working if he resigns at Lucas ?? let uw know editor ??

      Posted on Feb 25, 2019
  • PillowtalkPM posted an update

    Ben... are you still here? Michael... please use Ben in another scene soon... and then another and another and another after that.

    Posted on Sep 29, 2018
  • PillowtalkPM posted an update

    Ben... where have you been?? I'm missing you tremendously!!!! It's been 4 months since you were in a scene. Baby, come back!!!

    Posted on Sep 24, 2018
    • Patric

      Agree with you this hairy chested Russian dude is so that tattoed body of huge cock of Ben too.......where is Ben batemen now??

      Posted on Feb 25, 2019
  • PillowtalkPM posted an update

    Other ideas for Ben and powerful tops (since he's already been with Manuel, Dylan and Tomas: Joey Pele, Diego Summers would be perfect for Ben... thrust for thrust. But I'm sure Andrey Vic, Phenix Fellington, Rico Marlon, Philip Zyos could hold their own also.

    Posted on Jun 27, 2018
    • atwoody

      I totally agree. Why not 3 or 4 of those powertops filling Ben in the same session?

      Posted on Jun 27, 2018
  • PillowtalkPM posted an update

    Ben is my favorite Lucas Man. There. I said it. He is stunning!!! He's the ultimate performer, too. He gives 100% in every scene. And he just LOVES to get fucked. I have an idea about who to pair him with. (I'm sure everyone on your existing roster wants a chance at that furry ass but I was thinking how wonderful of a scene it would be if you asked Fostter Riviera to come back for an encore performance fucking Ben. Fostter LOVES to fuck. And Ben LOVES to get fucked. And we all know that Fostter can take a good pounding too, so let's make it a flip flop. I do believe that they would pound each other with wild abandon and it would be an amazing scene. I'm still in awe of the orgy scene with Fostter and Raul Korso who were SO into each other. Almost didn't need anyone else in that scene. FUCKING HOT TO THIS DAY!

    Posted on Jun 27, 2018
  • Frederic posted an update

    Ben Batman is the hottest thing to hit this site. He's absolutely gorgeous. LOVE it when he tops! FUCK ME. I need a marathon of this guy on film.

    Posted on Mar 31, 2018
  • latinguy03 posted an update

    Dude you look hot without tattoos!

    Posted on Jan 28, 2018
  • hot28mate posted an update

    damn Ben is very hot and handsome. that cock is stunning. his body is hot. I hope he is more scenes soon.

    Posted on Jan 06, 2018
  • bowles posted an update

    Ben makes a very good Bottom, and hopefully , he will get more roles doing just that.He really does have Male Sex Appeal !

    Posted on Dec 03, 2017
  • rextrek posted an update

    He's so Sexy...the "EveryMan" handsome look, the Perfect amount of chest hair...he just has "it" ....and it Comes threw Loud and Clear! XXX's!

    Posted on Nov 04, 2017
  • Mwest posted an update

    Wow, I can not wait until October to see this gorgeous man in action. And to have him paired up with Sean Xavier- one of my favorites! Hopefully Sean with abuse Ben's ass and mouth with his monster meat. Lucas Entertainment just gets better and better!

    Posted on Sep 12, 2017