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Mon, August 19, 2013

Woody Fox Makes Love to Kayden Gray

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It was love at first sight when Kayden Gray and Woody Fox met on the streets of London. When they first laid eyes on each other the romantic thoughts wouldn’t stop, leading them to renting a hotel room with one another. Their first night together they only slept side-by-side in their underwear, but the following morning they decided to move forward and consummate their feelings. Woody Fox takes the dominant role in their sexual relationship, and Kayden Gray couldn’t be more excited about providing his man with the pleasure he wants and needs. Kayden uses his mouth, hands, and ass to make Woody feel like he’s in heaven!

3 responses to Woody Fox Makes Love to Kayden Gray

  1. fred said on August 27, 2013

    the sex seems to be hot but the guys’ looks: c’mon aren’t there any better looking guys u can hire???

  2. LarryLevin71 said on September 2, 2013

    Nope! They are the best looking boys around! <3 And it's a really beautifly done scene, with a beautiful atmosphere, light and i love it how you get the feeling of a complete lack of rushing, like there is plenty of time and they spent the best most enjoyable a.m. A great work on part of the Directors and the Producer.

  3. neilmark1 said on September 11, 2015

    It’s two years later and I have just watched these two, they are tied for 1st place as gods of loveliness and intimate sexual energy. They are both amazingly beautiful.

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