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Mon, October 31, 2016

James Castle Asks — Why Waste A Perfectly Good Kitchen?

When Adam Killian shows up at James Castle’s door for a hook up (they met on the new cruising app Cock Huntr) James wonders to him, “why waste a perfectly good kitchen?” There’s no reason to, so Adam and James warm up on the brand-new granite countertops!

Here’s a scene preview:

James Castle is sunning his incredible body by the pool when he gets a message from Adam Killian on the cruising sex app Cock Huntr. James likes what he sees, so he hits the shower and washes up before his trick arrives. When Adam shows up they’re both very pleased with each other in the living flesh. If you think they’re going to head up to the bedroom you’re wrong. James recently remodeled his kitchen and decides to break it in by swapping blowjobs and fucking each other’s asses bareback. James Castle and Adam Killian both have sculpted muscular bodies worthy of Grecian statuary, and this scene shows off their physiques perfectly.

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