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Wed, June 05, 2024

Viktor Rom Bangs Gio Pilos On Raw Alpha Males

Viktor Rom roughs up and fucks the tempting and tight ass of Gio Pilos on Raw Alpha Males.

It’s no secret that Viktor Rom usually takes guys smaller and physically more submissive in size to bed to pleasure him and service his needs. Why wouldn’t he? As a sexy and dominant man, he rises above most and can have the pick of the litter. But Gio Pilos is especially hot and bothered to suck on Viktor’s huge fat Spanish cock and get slammed up the ass by it.

Hey, if Gio wants it and thinks he can handle it, so be it. Viktor Rom agrees to fulfill his desire in the Raw Alpha Males fuck room. The three perspective cameras are set up and ready to capture all of the completely unedited footage!

The gay porn scene featuring Viktor Rom and Gio Pilos is currently streaming on Raw Alpha Males. Watch a free preview of the scene below!


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Raunchy Dirty Uncut Fucking - Watch from every angle! - Raw Alpha MalesRaunchy Dirty Uncut Fucking - Watch from every angle! - Raw Alpha Males