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Thu, January 26, 2023

Sir Peter Dominates Andrey Vic On Raw Alpha Males

Andrey Vic is a sexy and masculine Ukranian man.

Attention is showered on him all the time for how handsome he is, and nearly every guy he meets wants to bottom for his dick. And when he likes a guy, Andrey will take him up on the offer. But here it is the macho top and Raw Alpha Males Sir Peter who wants Andrey Vic, but it’s not his cock he wants.

Instead, Sir Peter wants Andrey Vic’s ass, and it’s his ass that Sir Peter will have. Andrey Vic first starts out worshiping Sir Peter’s feet. That’s before he gets on his back and gets his ass hole pounded and bred like a pussy! Watch the gay bareback action between Sir Peter and Andrey Vic from four different camera angles on Raw Alpha Males!

Watch the rough and hardcore gay bareback sex scene featuring Andrey Vic and Sir Peter on Raw Alpha Males now, and check out a free trailer of the action below!


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Raunchy Dirty Uncut Fucking - Watch from every angle! - Raw Alpha MalesRaunchy Dirty Uncut Fucking - Watch from every angle! - Raw Alpha Males