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Mon, February 27, 2017

Sergeant Miles Never Fails To Impress

Sergeant Miles never fails to impress in his sex scenes. He’s the definition of a little muscle-bear stud, as you can see here when he bangs Damn Heart in the ass:

Damon Heart has had his eye on the contestant Sergeant Miles since “Breeding Prince Charming” began, despite it being improper for the host involving himself with the contestants. When Sergeant finds himself in an unfavorable situation, Damon cuts his job as host short and offers the muscular stud some support. And that supports turns into Sergeant brandishing his hard cock. Yes, Sergeant is an awesome top and most guys beg for the chance to take it up the butt from him, but sometimes he wants his ass played with too. Damon gives Sergeant that needed attention at 09:10. They soon switch roles, where Sergeant shows off those bareback topping skills he’s well known for at 14:05.

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2 responses to Sergeant Miles Never Fails To Impress

  1. leewrd said on March 5, 2017

    Started off just content to look at Sargent’s beautiful body, but boy,this is one of my favourite scenes with him (although nothing will touch that scene with the Aussie– famous last words.) God, the way he took and gave was phenomenal; he and Damon really smoked it.

  2. bowles said on April 7, 2017

    Damon`s acting skills have to be applauded.

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