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Tue, June 18, 2024

Ridick Fucks Mark Blue Deep On Raw Alpha Males

You might think you know what is in store for you when you invite Ridick into your bedroom.

But sometimes it’s bad to make assumptions. Yes, Ridick can be an intense and ravenous bottom, but he has a dominant side to him, too. That’s what makes Ridick a Raw Alpha Male, and it’s also what makes Mark Blue a solid partner for him, since Mark loves to swallow dick, get fucked up the behind, and be totally submissive to a handsome and wiry top.

Mark Blue and Ridick have incredible chemistry when they land in the Raw Alpha Males fuck room, and their fucking is caught on camera by a few different angles, including one filmed by Michael Lucas, who is completely nude himself!

The Raw Alpha Males gay porn scene starring Ridick and Mark Blue is currently streaming on Raw Alpha Males. Watch a free preview of the scene below!


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Raunchy Dirty Uncut Fucking - Watch from every angle! - Raw Alpha MalesRaunchy Dirty Uncut Fucking - Watch from every angle! - Raw Alpha Males