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Fri, April 07, 2017

Ricky Verez And Klim Gromov Prove They’re Good Boys

Ricky Verez and Klim Gromov proved to their Alpha-Male tops Andrey Vic and James Castle that they’ve both been good boys and deserve they’re reward. The only prize these guys ever want or need is to use their mouths and butts as the personal fuck-holes of their tops, and Andrey and James loving giving them what they craze so badly!

See a preview of today’s super hot scene release:

Blue-eyed Russian twink Klim Gromov and sexy Latin twink Ricky Verez are two wild bottoms who need a firm hand to keep them in line and teach them how to be good receptacles for raw cock and cum. James Castle and Andrey Vic both have the skill and patience to show Klim and Ricky how to properly service the rock-hard cocks of no-bullshit alpha males. Ricky Verez and Klim Gromov both enter into the sexual encounter cocky and full of themselves, but when they wind up getting their asses pounded without mercy by James Castle and Andrey Vic, their attitudes change and they learn their place as submissive bottoms.

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1 response to Ricky Verez And Klim Gromov Prove They’re Good Boys

  1. Eric said on June 8, 2017

    These guys are fucking gorgeous. This is one hot fucking filthy porno. Don’t waste the swimming pool. Would love to see Ricky and Klim and their friends fucking in tiny speedos. Fit them out in Aqux brand speedos, invite some friends along, and get fucking guys.

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