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Mon, February 02, 2015

Raul Korso Returns To Lucas Entertainment Today

Raul Korso returns to Lucas Entertainment today in a suit, and he’s got an oral fixation for the Spanish hunk Max Toro!

Here is an excerpt from the scene:

“The cut in Raul Korso’s eyebrow is sexy, and it’s even sexier when you notice it mid-fellatio. Who is the guy getting his cock sucked? It’s Max Toro, and the package he shows off on camera is a beauty. The initial chemistry between these two men at the onset of the scene is apparent and strong. Granted, they’re in suits, but they begin undoing their clothing as quick as possible. Both Max and Raul have a passion for oral sex acts, and the attention they show to each other’s asses and cocks is exciting — at least until the raw fucking begins. Raul first mounts Max like a crazed dog in heat — just check out 10:55 to see what I mean!”

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