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Thu, March 29, 2012

Rafael Carreras Shoots His Cum in Aussie Mathew Mason’s Mouth

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Mathew Mason is a hot new hardcore gay pornstar on the scene, and he’s been snatched up by Lucas Entertainment as an exclusive model. He debut begins with Michael Lucas interviewing him about his life — and sex life, of course — with Rafael Carreras sitting next to him. Rafael is an intimidating Cuban power-top who fucks all of his partners deeply, but Mathew is up to the challenge. After tasting each other’s lips first, Rafael sets out to see just how thick Mathew’s dick is, and it’s a cock that doesn’t disappoint! Rafael shows Mathew’s cock an amazing amount of attention — he just can’t keep the shaft (not to mention the Aussie’s big, smooth balls) out of his mouth! It doesn’t take Rafael long to get hard, and he is not shy to thrust his cock in Mathew’s face for some sucking. Rafael is a major ass man, though, and he shows Mathew’s quite a bit of attention, first with a rimjob and then by sliding into his hole with the legendary Cuban cock he wields. Mathew says he prefers to top, but he takes it all in this scene: at times it looks like it’s too much for him to take, but Rafael doesn’t let go of him and fucks deep and hard until they both shoot their cum!

1 response to Rafael Carreras Shoots His Cum in Aussie Mathew Mason’s Mouth

  1. Rick said on April 22, 2012

    Watching the passion in Matthew’s eyes as Raphael shoots his load in his mouth is awesome! And then Rafael’s tongue and hot kissses sharing his load with Mathew is one of the hottest scenes ever on video. I’m a cum man, and love experiencing that same scene with a hot man (or two!) and I put myself right there with those two hot guys in my mind whenever I watch that scene. It makes me shoot huge loads that I either enjoy myself, or share with whoever I’m watching with. Matthew truly seems to enjoy that spunk load (you go buddy!, and Rafael is secure enough to eat his own load too. My kind of men.

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