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Mon, August 22, 2011

Rafael Alencar Plows Jessie Colter on the Beach

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The summer is sizzling as a heat wave rolls in: to find relief, Rafael Alencar and his buddy Jessie Colter go kayaking on the waters of Fire Island. When they see a secluded patch of shoreline and brush, they land their boats — their cocks already hard and bulging out of their speedos. They waste no time: the pair begins to kiss and play with each other’s nipples, eventually feeling their way into their swimsuits. Jessie, ever the hungry bottom, kneels in the shallow water of the shore and begins sucking on Rafael’s throbbing, uncut boner. His dark meat slides down Jessie’s throat, who grab holds of his top’s balls. Rafael returns the favor by kneeling in the water and slurping on Jessie’s smooth dick; as Jessie gets sucked and plays with his own nipples, his face moans against the backdrop of a blue summer sky! Rafael, the ravenous top that he is, positions Jessie over his kayak and begins eating his hole, preparing it for his thick 10 inches. After finding some sturdy tree branches, Jessie bends over and Rafael slides right in, fucking Jessie deep with his rod! To plunge as far in as possible, Jessie even sits down on Rafael’s cock and rides him until the top shoots his white goo in his partner’s mouth!

2 responses to Rafael Alencar Plows Jessie Colter on the Beach

  1. robin said on August 29, 2011

    A great scene, this first one from Heatwave 2; Jessie Colter is my fav here. He has such a handsome boyish face, and the body of a real man, muscular, in a well-proportioned way with the right amount of body hair on just the right places, a delicious ass and a beautiful cock. Rafael I think is nice as well with a huge dick, but his ass is too big comparing to the rest of his body

  2. jessie ambacan said on February 5, 2012

    damn, so hot. i want to fuck rafael!

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