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Thu, November 10, 2011

Rafael Alencar Double-Fucks Jessie Colter with Tools

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Jessie Colter is a shameless squatter hanging out in a seemingly abandoned apartment. After finding a gay porn magazine, he makes himself comfortable and starts jerking off. But the room isn’t abandoned: Rafael Alencar is living there, and he flies into a rage when he finds Jessie fucking around in his space. If Jessie likes cock, then why doesn’t he take care of Rafael’s, so the power-top roughs his bottom up a bit before ripping off his pants and forcing his fat, 10-inch uncut cock down Jessie’s throat, who chokes and gags on it as he struggles to open up his throat. Rafael is sadistic and no friend of Jessie’s; to open Jessie up before Rafael fucks him deep with his cock, be first invades Jessie’s hole with his rough fingers before squeezing the handles of a screwdriver and hammer up his hole. Jessie is defenseless as Rafael abuses him from behind! After suffering his anal assault, Jessie tries to run from Rafael, so he blindfolds and binds his whore, bends him over, and fucks him deep as his ass is thrust high in the air. The torment reaches its peak when Rafael uses up the rest of Jessie’s body by hanging him upside down from the wall; as he hangs suspended like a used piece of meat, Rafael fucks Jessie’s ass! When Rafael is ready to cum, he busts his load in Jessie’s hungry mouth.

4 responses to Rafael Alencar Double-Fucks Jessie Colter with Tools

  1. gleison said on December 2, 2011

    oi eu sou gleison eu costaria de pati sipa

  2. santiago said on August 20, 2012

    muy bonito

  3. wic said on November 6, 2012

    I love Rafael Alencar.
    Do you sell his dildo ?

  4. romanoli said on April 6, 2013

    I love yuo rafael.

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