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Mon, August 11, 2014

Mikoah Kan and Cam Christou’s Sex Scene Has Strong Chemistry… And Great Oral Sex

It’s interesting to see the strong chemistry between Cam Christou and Mikoah Kan in today’s gay bareback sex scene from Lucas Entertainment. Here are two performers who look so different and are so uniquely handsome in their own right, but when they’re brought together their sex is beyond passionate and intimate.

Cam Christou has a particular look I personally appreciate, especially when you take into consideration his shaved head, brightly colored tattoos, and hot otter body.

Mikoah Kan, on the other hand, is a beefcake bottom that gives us all a surprise by showing off how much of an attentive and nurturing top he is as he slides into Cam.

Also note that this is a scene for blowjob fans: these two hot guys know how to suck a cock, and this scene certainly highlights their skills.

Cam Christou and Mikoah Kan Kiss Before Bareback Sex

Cam Christou Sucks Mikoah Kan's Dick

Cam Christou Slips His Dick Inside Mikoah Kan

Cam Christou Rides Mikoah Kan

Mikoah Kan Fucks Cam Christou Bareback on Lucas Entertainment

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