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Mon, December 20, 2010

Massive cum shot when Harry Louis fucks Mike Colucci!

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After a short but pleasant interview with the boys, Michael leaves Harry Louis with specific instructions on what to do with Mike Colucci unbelievably amazing Venezuelan ass and adorable face. The guys start kissing while undressing each other and it only gets hotter from here. As soon as Harry gets his cock out, he pushes it down Mike’s willing and able throat. They finally manage to get each other completely naked and Harry doesn’t waste a second getting his tongue into that tight, tasty South American hole. Harry ferociously ravages Mike’s perfect ass, spitting and sucking along the way. Harry starts teasing Mike’s ass with his dick which turns into an intensely fierce make out and grind session. Mike is so turned on and sick of all the teasing that he begs to be fucked which is enough to make you bust. Harry gives him exactly what he wants and Mike rides Harry’s cock like a champ before Harry starts pounding it mercilessly. Harry was told to fuck Mike in three different positions and he does just as he was told, without mercy. After Mike’s ass takes a real pounding these two studs shoot their loads all over Mike’s ripped abs and that adorable face. Always eager to please, these two do exactly as they were ordered and the result is a super hot fuck scene that you can’t miss. THANKS BOYS!

2 responses to Massive cum shot when Harry Louis fucks Mike Colucci!

  1. Vaginalis said on December 28, 2010

    This is one my best videos ever!

  2. Eugen said on September 28, 2016

    The best video
    I am very like it
    I can joint this

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