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Wed, December 29, 2021

Marco Antonio Slams Alfonso Osnaya’s Hole On Raw Alpha Males

Marco Antonio gives it to Alfonso Osnaya good over on Raw Alpha Males today.

Marco Antonio is one tall and handsome guy, and the anaconda he has between his legs has left many bottoms walking bowlegged in his day. A man like Marco Antonio is genetically built to be a Raw Alpha Male, since he is strong and hung. And when he fucks a guy he owns and destroys the ass of the bottom. Alfonso Osnaya, a little Latin twink, has been angling for the attention of Marco ever since they first met.

He’s seen the outline of Marco’s snake in his shorts before, and wanted to get a better look. In the Raw Alpha Males fuck room with four cameras rolling, Marco Antonio strips down and shows Alfonso Osnaya what he is packing. But more than that, Marco goes balls deep inside Alfonso and bangs him hard!

Watch a free scene preview of the Raw Alpha Males scene starring Marco Antonio and Alfonso Osnaya below:


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