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Mon, July 12, 2010

Lucio Saints and Max Duran Get Drenched in Pissed On

Lucio Saints and Max Duran bathe themselves in golden showers in today’s new clip at Max Duran has no qualms about pissing in his living room. Showering Lucio Saints’ gigantic, hulking muscle frame with his piss in a modern orange chair. Lucio spits the piss back at its maker and jerks him off with his mouth, his own cock in hand. The buddies swap intense blowjobs before Max lays down in the puddle of his own urine to get fsce fucked by the hot and buff Lucio. They continue sucking each other off and graduate to another wet n’ wild session of piss play. Finally cutting to the inevitable chase, Lucio sinks his big brown cock into Max’s supple ass and plows him until they both cum all over Max’s torso.

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