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Tue, October 07, 2014

Lucas Knight Makes Brent Alex Work Hard For His Photo Shoot

So far, this is my favorite scene from a recent set of releases on Lucas Entertainment that will be collected into a movie in the coming weeks.

Why this one? Lucas Knight is at his best not only when he is a top, but also when he is asserting some control over the man he’s in a scene with. Here it’s Brent Alex, who has demonstrated in the past that he has no problem submitting to another guy’s control. The roleplay of photographer and subject is fun, especially when Lucas takes his clothes off to put Brent at ease. Yes, it’s meant to put Brent at ease — but only to ease him into letting Lucas Knight take a few pointers from Terry Richardson and have sex with his subject!

For a tease, take a look at these pictures and judge for yourself:


Lucas Knight Photographs Brent Alex

Brent Alex Sucks Lucas Knight's Cock

Brent Alex Sucks Lucas Knight's Huge Gay Cock

Brent Alex Blowing the PhotographerLucas Knight Fucks Brent Alex Up The Ass Bareback

Lucas Knight Bends Brent Alex Over For Raw Anal Sex

Lucas Knight Swallows Brent Alex's Cum On Lucas Entertainment

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