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Fri, September 25, 2015

Is Logan Moore Seasoned Enough To Handle Leo Alexander?

Logan Moore is a recognizable performer in the gay adult film scene; I’m personally fond of his classic good looks, as he reminds me of the gay-porn version of James Bond. That might be a dramatic comparison, but hey, it’s gay porn so where would the fun be if there wasn’t a flare for drama?

Recognizable he may be, but will he be able to handle Leo Alexander? Remember: Leo isn’t just obscenely hung, but he doesn’t take it easy when he’s inside either.

Here’s a sample:

Logan Moore knows what he wants, and it’s Leo Alexander’s cock. Not even 30 seconds into the beginning of the scene and he moves his hand over to Leo’s meat while they’re making out. It’s obvious he’s sizing it up by touch, trying to figure out how exactly he’s going to handle it. After all, the length and girth of Leo Alexander’s penis has become a Lucas Entertainment legend in a very short amount of time. But how exactly does Logan make out taking Leo’s dick? Well, after touch he measures it with his mouth… and realizes it tastes as good as it looks — you can see some of this action at the 2:45 timestamp. Logan eventually summons the courage for a bareback ass pounding, and at 16:40 you’ll hear his moans, which tell you all you need to know!

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