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Wed, October 19, 2011

Lean Dudes Valentin Petrov and Kyle Quinn Flip-Fuck

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On one hand, Kyle Quinn and Valentin Petrov are worlds apart: Kyle is an all-American cutie, while Valentin screams international sex appeal all the way from Russia, just like Michael Lucas himself! In “Auditions” fashion, Kyle answers a series of questions while showing the camera his soft blue eyes and cute boyish smile. But talk only lasts so long; Valentin wants Kyle, so he strips off his clothes and shows off his toned, muscular body and fat cock. Kyle dives onto his meat fast, swallowing it up as Valentin smirks and lets his dick disappear down the American boy’s throat. Even though Valentin likes to top, he’s more than willing to bend right over for Kyle, who first eats out the Russian’s ass and then slips his dick in and pumps away. Valentin is propped up on all fours and takes each hammer like a champ! Kyle isn’t only into topping, and soon enough he is working on Valentin, getting him ready for more hot fucking. Kyle has a very sensitive hole, so first Valentin preps him with a finger; Kyle winces and moans as he’s penetrated. Valentin doesn’t wait for long, though, and with Kyle’s ass high in the air, he pokes his cock inside and fucks the shrieking bottom boy hard until he cums!

1 response to Lean Dudes Valentin Petrov and Kyle Quinn Flip-Fuck

  1. gongli said on October 19, 2011

    So glad Valentin is filming with Lucas Entertainment again!

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