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Tue, September 05, 2023

Kosta Viking And Papixtrong Pound Allen King

You will never go wrong inviting Allen King over to fuck in the ass.

This guy can take it and take it GOOD, just as Kosta Viking and Papixtrong are about to find out. Both Kosta and Papixtrong want to get off and empty their nuts, and they want to use Allen as their personal sex toy in the process of doing so. Allen King opens up his mouth and shows off his round little ass to both guys. You don’t need to guess how wild this drives Papixtrong and Kosta Viking, because they get to it right away sodomizing Allen King in his mouth and up his boy pussy!

The gay sex scene featuring Kosta Viking, Allen King, and Papixtrong is currently streaming on Lucas Entertainment, and appears in the movie, “All About Spit Roasting.” Watch a free preview of the scene below.


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