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Mon, August 29, 2016

Josh Rider Sneaks A Sniff Of Andrey Vic’s Swimsuit — Guess What That Gets Him

Josh Rider sneaks a whiff from Andrey Vic’s swimsuit today on Lucas Entertainment. And what do you think that gets him? Andrey always has another fuck in him, and Josh loves taking raw uncut cock up his ass.

See for yourself:

Andrey Vic takes a break and soaks up some sun after his intense orgy encounter with Dylan James, Drae Axtell, Stas Landon, Alejandro Alvarez, and Koda Gold. Andrey might be tired, but Josh Rider isn’t. He wasn’t around for the orgy, but he’s watching Andrey from afar and manages to sneak a smell from Andrey’s swim trunks. But why stop at sniffing?

When Andrey figures out what’s going on, he finds new energy and gives Josh Rider what he really wants — a deep fucking with his uncut cock!

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