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Tue, January 22, 2013

Jonathan Agassi Takes Every Inch of Paddy O’Brian

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Paddy O’Brian takes a well-earned break after he and Jonathan Agassi work on fixing up an old warehouse. Jonathan takes a lunch while Paddy takes a seat and rests his big sweaty muscles. While he’s sitting idly by he touches his aroused crotch; Jonathan returns and notices the lump growing in his buddy’s pants. Jonathan runs his hand over the bulge before pulling it out and swallowing the fat piece of meat with his wet lips and hungry throat. Paddy enjoys the service and Jonathan doesn’t waste a second offering it. Paddy and Jonathan climb the scaffolding for a view while Jonathan eats out the top’s hairy man-ass before he bends over and prepares himself for Paddy’s hard, thick cock. Paddy bangs Jonathan’s ass hard before they hop down and get dirty on the mattress. Paddy ensures that Jonathan feels every inch of his manhood as they fuck toward climax!

1 response to Jonathan Agassi Takes Every Inch of Paddy O’Brian

  1. trex said on February 8, 2013

    Lucas Entertainment sells out and films a scene with the most over-exposed straight guy in the business and he still refuses to suck a cock. What’s the point???

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