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Mon, September 17, 2012

Jessy Ares and Jonathan Agassi Have Sweaty Sex

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It’s been six years of ups and downs, but Jonathan Agassi and Jessy Ares want to make it work. They decide to vacation on the Greek island of Mykonos for a getaway that will give them the time and atmosphere needed to work on repairing their relationship. While walking down the cobblestone streets, Jessy flashes back to what made the men escape to the island. Jonathan pins Jessy against the wall where they smash their lips together. They peel their shirts off while slapping and kissing — Jonathan goads Jessy into showing off just how strong he is, resulting in the top grabbing Jonathan’s head to initiate a blowjob. Jonathan is enthusiastic to be used — he grabs hold of Jessy’s cock, licks the head, and spits on his foreskin. Jessy wants more after awhile: he pushes Jonathan back onto the bed and hoists his legs up in the air when he unleashes his tongue. Jessy licks and smacks Jonathan’s hole before they flip around again and fucks some more face. Jessy gets himself fully hard in Jonathan’s mouth before turning the Israeli around and positioning him on all fours. Jessy throws on a condom and guides his cock into Jonathan’s ass. The lust between these two hot guys is rugged and real: Jessy rides Jonathan’s ass, who bounces up and down with each thrust Jessy delivers. To keep him still, Jessy grabs hold of Jonathan’s ass cheeks and does not let go; he tightens his grip as he fucks him deeper and harder. Jonathan stands up and spreads his legs against a wall: Jessy grabs his hips and begins thrusting all over again. After awhile they take a break from fucking and Jonathan sucks Jessy off some more before he lies down and grips the bedposts, bracing himself for when Jonathan sits down on Jessy’s cock and rides him rough and hard. The guys work up such a sweat that they’re glistening all over when they come! After the men have blown their heavy loads the arguing begins again. Jonathan vows to make their relationship work as he books the trip to Mykonos. But flashing back to present time, tragedy strikes when Jonathan is hit bit a car. He’ll survive, but not before local Mitchell Rock swoops in and escorts Jessy and Jonathan to the hospital. The temptation and mind fuck begins but how strong is his resolve?

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  1. Raul said on July 25, 2019

    These pictures make me wanna cum. Reminds me of the first time I played with myself when I saw that hot scene from Men from Israel. Hot men on men action the ultimate man love muscular and hot. You can smell the masculinity of sex in that scene.

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