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Wed, October 03, 2012

Jessie Colter Opens His PantyHoes Covered Legs for Jessy Ares

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There’s a message waiting for Jessie Colter when he arrives in the bedroom: “Put these on and get ready.” Jessie, ever the masculine yet submissive bottom guy, smirks and undresses. He starts putting on the gift waiting for him — a pair of black fishnet stockings and small black panties. Jessie wraps the feminine garb around his muscular legs, meaty ass, and big hard cock. Jessie rubs his body in the stockings and relishes feeling like a lady. Jessy Ares appears wearing stocking on his arms and he doesn’t hesitate manhandling Jessie, who loves the attention. Jessy bends Jessie over and grabs his ass and fingers his hole, loosening it up for an invasion of stocking — Jessy slips a strand of stockings into Jessie’s ass and slides it right out! Afterwards they swap blowjobs, and they swallow each other up like it’s the first meal they’ve had in weeks! Jessy bends the bottom over, grabs him by the shoulders, and slams his ass deep and hard. Jessie Colter doesn’t like it slow or easy, and Jessy Ares isn’t happy unless he’s fast and deep. Jessy twists the bottom around into every position he can handle until it’s time for them to bust their loads!

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