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Mon, May 08, 2017

Jack Andy Trains To Be A Step-Daddy On Ricky Verez’s Ass

Jack Andy is still too young to be a true step-daddy, but that’s not stopping him from training to be one. Jack has watched out for Rick Verez like a kid stepbrother for a long time, but that hasn’t quelled the sexual attraction between the two of them. Jack’s aware it’s taboo and has held off from giving in to the stirring in his pants. But that’s what turns on Ricky, and he isn’t afraid to push Jack further and further. Finally Jack gives into his fantasy, and when he strips down to show Ricky Verez his nine-inch cock, Ricky braces himself for all of Jack’s raw lust.

Check out the free preview for today’s scene below:

Jack Andy needs Ricky Verez to get his ass up and out of bed so they can start the day, but Ricky is being lazy. Jack has always treated Ricky like a kid stepbrother, but Ricky views him as more than that. For a long time, Ricky has harbored a strong sexual attraction to Jack, and he finally makes the move and lures Jack into bed with him. Jack doesn’t resist, and instead lets loose on the little Latin bottom. Jack’s nine-inch cock is huge and hard, and Ricky takes it in as many different positions as possible. But riding it is Ricky’s favorite method, while Jack prefers getting the bottom on his back, legs up in the air, and pounding him until he shoots his load!

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1 response to Jack Andy Trains To Be A Step-Daddy On Ricky Verez’s Ass

  1. Yvason Glordbtal said on May 15, 2017

    Good to see a “twink” in lucas entertainment after such a long time. Otherwise it was just only muscles…
    twink + hunk combo is just one eye-candy that is hard to find on the Internet nowadays.

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