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Tue, June 11, 2024

Gus Torres Goes Total Bottom For Viktor Rom On Raw Alpha Males

Some guys are total bottoms, and that’s that.

They don’t want to fuck, and they’re into into having their dicks sucked. Some total bottoms aren’t even really interested in having their dicks touched at all; instead, these men are service-oriented. They get their sexual pleasure from servicing the top they’re with in the bedroom, using their hands, mouth, and ass to give that man pleasure.

This ratchets up in intensity when some total bottoms decide to completely lock up their dicks into cock cages / chastity cages. Once locked, these bottom men forego orgasm and ejaculation all together; having their cocks locked suppresses their erections but keeps their balls full and their sex drive at an all-time high. That means locked bottoms are always ready for sex since their libidos are in over-drive, and they eagerly await answering the sexual call of their top lovers.

The scene on Raw Alpha Males between Viktor Rom and Gus Torres doesn’t involve a cock cage or chastity, but Gus (as the bottom) does wear a a jockstrap to conceal his cock and balls, while leaving his ass exposed for Viktor Rom. And we all know Viktor — he is a deep and passionate lover who makes the booties of his bottoms his personal fuck toys.

The gay porn scene featuring Viktor Rom and Gus Torres is currently streaming on Raw Alpha Males, and you can watch a free preview below.


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