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Tue, April 30, 2024

Guillaume Wayne And Oskar Ivan Fuck On Raw Alpha Males

Guillaume Wayne is back in action, and it’s great to see him making such a quick return to the Raw Alpha Males fuck room!

This time it’s the adorable and ready-to-please Oskar Ivan who is joining him, and this little stud is ready to get on that huge dick Guillaume has between his legs! Guillaume Wayne begins disrobing why Oskar is already starting to service him, showing off his tight six pack ( 🥵 🥵 🥵 ).

Oskar Ivan gets to work excitedly by wrapping his mouth around the impressive piece of manhood Guillaume Wayne wields. If you’re going to hop into bed with a guy like Guillaume Wayne, then you better be ready to have you ass fucked deep and hard. Because that’s exactly what he gives to Oskar Ivan!

The gay porn scene starring Guillaume Wayne and Oskar Ivan is currently streaming on Raw Alpha Males, and you can watch a free preview of the scene below!


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