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Thu, December 01, 2011

Dirk Caber Dominates Blond Bottom Logan Stevens

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Logan Stevens is laying defenseless in a wheel chair strung out on drugs when the seedy, corrupt Dirk Caber finds him and decides to take advantage of the situation. Wheeling him to a secludes back alley, Dirk maliciously laughs as he runs his hands all over Logan, who is addled and confused. Even though Dirk is in control, he likes to play with Logan’s mind, giving him enough power that they flip each other around for wet, slippery blowjobs. When their cocks have had enough attention paid to them, Dirk initiates some intense rimming — he even sits right down on Logan’s face and forces him to eat his hairy asshole. The sex moves into invasive procedures when Dirk forces Logan into a flip-fuck session; the two hot guys rip into each other, hammering and slamming one another’s holes until they both reach climax and release their loads of cum!

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