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Thu, August 25, 2011

Carsten Andersson and Ryan Russell Get HARD & WET

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Blond hottie Carsten Andersson has the face and body of a pretty boy, but the heart of a piggish slut. He teams up with Ryan Russell, and from the beginning Ryan lets the piss pour out of him, spilling all over Carsten. They continuously reverse roles: Carsten and Ryan pull down their tight jockstraps, piss, and suck each other’s stiff cocks, all the while rolling around in their own bodily fluids like animals. But Ryan isn’t truly happy unless he’s being penetrated, and Carsten is more than willing to offer up his uncut dick. He slams Ryan with intensity, all the while pulling out to shower the bottom with even more piss! The scene culminates in some intense, urine-spattered cum shots!

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