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Mon, March 06, 2017

Can Damon Heart Handle Both Sean Xavier And Jon Bae?

Check out some promotional content for today’s exclusive bareback sex scene featuring Sean Xavier, Damon Heart, and Jon Bae from the “Raw Double Penetrations 04: Stuffed” —

Jon Bae shows off his dance moves to Sean Xavier and Damon Heart, prompting Sean to step up and show Jon his own brand of dancing — it’s a lot of fun watching their big dicks flop around with every move the two guys make. The performance turns sexual when Sean and Jon start making out while Damon plays the voyeur by watching them and smoking a cigarette. Sean and Jon invite Damon to join them, and he drops to his knees to suck them both off back and forth. Damon gives up his ass completely, getting fucked back and forth by Jon Bae and Sean Xavier before they go all out and double-penetrate him bareback.

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4 responses to Can Damon Heart Handle Both Sean Xavier And Jon Bae?

  1. michael said on March 7, 2017

    What a great scene, thanks to an absolutely elegant set, perfect lighting, writing, direction, sound, make-up, better than average acting, and of course Bro. Sean Xavier, for all of the chocolate, the talent and the style that he brings to each and every scene. Bravo gentlemen, Bravo!

  2. michael said on March 7, 2017

    Oh, I forgot to give kudos to some excellent camera work too!

  3. michael said on March 7, 2017

    !!!OMG, and the ending, at which I just arrived, brings us right back to the beginning, in the juiciest most ethereal way that simply says replay, replay, REPLAY!!!

  4. bowles said on April 7, 2017

    Damon always has such an interesting range of facial expressions. The same could be said about his bottoming skills…

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