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Wed, June 08, 2011

Businessman Andrian Long covers Carsten Andersson in cum!

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Smooth and muscled Carsten Andersson and brunette beau Adrian Long wear dark well. Carsten, in a deep brown suit, and Adrian, sporting a black ensemble, both have a magnetic attraction for one another from the onset. They kiss deep and hard, smacking their lips and lapping their tongues. Once Cartsten’s lips tire of kissing, he moves down and unzips Adrian’s pants, licking and sucking the brunette’s delicious, uncut cock. Adrian’s hips get the better of him — he face-fucks Carsten’s excited mouth. Eventually the pair moves to the bedroom where they strip off their pants and unbutton their shirts. They exchange slobbering blowjobs until Adrian is ready to enter Carsten. The hot couple flips around into various positions, and Adrian penetrates Carsten so deep and fucks him with such speed that Carsten moans and cries out in pleasure and pain until he explodes all over Adrian’s ripped stomach. And the finale — Adrian pumps his load onto Carsten’s face and mouth!

1 response to Businessman Andrian Long covers Carsten Andersson in cum!

  1. Kal said on June 14, 2011

    I’m completely fascinated by Adrian Long, is a beautiful and perfect man, love to meet him personally, congratulations it’s a great actor

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