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Mon, August 29, 2011

Bearish Legend Arpad Miklos Dominates Jessie Colter

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The burly top-king Arpad Miklos says with whimsy that it was love at first sight when he met Jessie Colter — and why shouldn’t it be? Arpad takes no greater pleasure than digging deep into a hot bottom, and Jessie gives new definition to “power bottom.” With an iPad in hand, the two have a chat about their lives and sexual hungers: it’s this kind of chit-chat that’s come to define the “Auditions” series. But Jessie is more interested in using his mouth to service Arpad. He hops on Arpad’s lap, still wearing jeans, and grinds the beefy top’s lap while making out. Jessie’s eager hands pull off Arpad’s clothes to reveal his hulking mass; Arpad uses the opportunity to flip the lusty bottom over and eat out his boy’s ass, causing Jessie to moan and grind his face into the bed. It’s intense rimming, and when Arpad takes off his white briefs, Jessie preps him with a blowjob before the deep penetration begins. Arpad is an unstoppable force as he plows Jessie, who totally submits to his master. Arpad even switches between his cock and a dildo replicated after his own member! As Arpad is digging into Jessie deep, the bottom cums, and soon after Arpad unloads into Jessie’s mouth!

2 responses to Bearish Legend Arpad Miklos Dominates Jessie Colter

  1. Alan said on September 1, 2011

    Arpad is one of the most desirable men on earth! He sizzles with every partner he “dominates” on the screen.

    I consider Arpad Miklos a total sex-god.

  2. Omar said on February 2, 2012

    it girl! Better to be devisice from the start than to be full of regrets and resentment later on in life towardd the person you chose to marry.

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