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Mon, April 25, 2011

ASSASSIN: Muscle stud Cliff Jensen pounds rookie cop Steven Daigle!

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Rookie police detective Steven Daigle is casing the crime scene with boss Wilfried Knight. Steven is hot on the case of discovering who shot Junior Stellano but it’s a tough job and he needs a cocktail to help take the edge off. Bartender Cliff Jensen is happy to oblige, but it’s more than just a shot of liquor he winds up giving Steven. With his fly already down, Cliff hops over the counter, pours a drink over his hard cock and tells Steven to take a stiff drink. Steven does so without hesitation and takes Cliff’s smooth, cut cock all the way down his throat. While Steven gives him a wet blowjob, Cliff makes a grab for Steven’s gun to compare which is bigger. Rest assured — it’s Cliff’s. Soon after, Steven gets serviced himself… he peels off his cop clothes and hops up onto the counter where he aggressively pumps his dick down Cliff’s throat. They role-reverse again and Cliff lays on the counter spread eagle so Steven can give him a deep, slurping rim job. It doesn’t take either of them long to get ready for some fucking: Cliff turns Steven over on the counter, and starts pounding his smooth ass. Steven takes every inch of Cliff’s 8.5-inch cock, though he’s groaning and grabbing the counter during every, last second of it! Steven proceeds to jump onto his back so Cliff can drill him balls-deep until neither one of them can stand it anymore. The cop blows his load on Cliff’s leg and slurps up every last drop before falling to his knees and receiving Cliff’s cum all over his face.

1 response to ASSASSIN: Muscle stud Cliff Jensen pounds rookie cop Steven Daigle!

  1. Christopher Woodward said on June 5, 2015

    I love this video so much 🙂 and Cliff Jensen is one of my favorite porn stars.
    I want to suck Cliff’s rock, hard cock so much so he cums in my hungry mouth!!
    LOVE YOU CLIFF!!! <3

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