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Tue, June 07, 2022

Arad Winwin Pumps Ruslan Angelo | Lucas Men ‘Best Of’

If there is one place you can reliably find both Arad Winwin and Ruslan Angelo, it is the gym.

Both of these guys take physical exercise very seriously, and their incredibly bodies are evidence of this. Arad and Ruslan are sculpted men, and they admire other guys who are just as muscular and defined as they are. But Arad likes his guys a bit smaller than him. Which works out perfectly for this pairing, because Ruslan Angelo likes his men a bit bigger.

Because if there is something else Ruslan and Arad have in common, it’s their intense hunger for hardcore and sweaty man-on-man sex. Arad Winwin is a total top, no questions asked. That’s perfectly fine with Ruslan, since he prefers to have his ass smashed like a pussy before getting loaded and knocked up.

In this early 2020 scene between Ruslan Angelo and Arad Winwin, we see action play out exactly like that. The scene stars with the two exercising in a private gym with some of the other Lucas Men. But once the other guys clear our, Ruslan and Arad stick around to work up another kind of sweat. And even when they strip down and get ready to fuck, they keep their sneakers on!

The gay bareback sex scene starring Arad Winwin and Ruslan Angelo is currently streaming on Lucas Entertainment, and is featured in the movie, “Loaded With Seed.”

Watch a free preview below —


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