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Mon, April 25, 2016

Exclusive Bareback Sex Scene: Adam Killian Owns Tomas Brand’s Ass

Adam Killian’s ass is a juicy morsel many adult performers only dream of getting into. Not only did our production team hook him up with the always-sexy Tomas Brand, but they top and bottom for each other eagerly in this scene. I guess the feeling goes both ways between Adam and Tomas who are both two hulks that own the gym:

It’s anyone’s guess who would win the competition between Adam Killian and Tomas Brand in a pound-for-pound contest of pure muscle. But one thing that’s not a guess: these two adult film stars are hulks in the body department, and their devotion to the gym pays off big time. Tomas and Adam both messed around together in the nine-man orgy from “Adam Killian’s Raw Wet Dream.” Now they’re matched up again, and if there’s one thing proven in this scene it’s this: when two muscle titans clash, it’s an event you don’t want to miss!

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