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Michael Lucas Romances and Seduces Demian Holt's Body

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Men like Demian Holt make filming gay porn all worth while: he’s one of the most handsome international men to walk through the studio’s door in a long while, and Michael enjoyed receiving him and showing him what it takes to perform for Lucas Entertainment. Demian’s body is incredible, and he’s nothing but eager to use every inch of what he has to offer to pleasure Michael: his hungry and eager mouth services Michael’s huge 10-inch uncut cock, and that doesn’t even include what’s in store for his tight asshole. Michael takes the newcomer in several positions, but his favorite is on Demian’s back as the Russian top gives him a thorough lesson in how to take cock! By the end Demian’s ass is so thoroughly used that he explodes with an incredible cumshot!

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Michael Lucas Romances and Seduces Demian Holt
Michael Lucas Romances and Seduces Demian Holt
Michael Lucas Romances and Seduces Demian Holt
Michael Lucas Romances and Seduces Demian Holt
Michael Lucas Romances and Seduces Demian Holt
Michael Lucas Romances and Seduces Demian Holt
Michael Lucas Romances and Seduces Demian Holt
Michael Lucas Romances and Seduces Demian Holt

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Michael Lucas
Michael Lucas

What is there to say about Michael Lucas? A good place to start is the beginning: Lucas Entertainment founder and president Michael Lucas was born in Moscow, Russia, on March 10, 1972. He was raised in Moscow and attended college there, graduating with a degree in law. In 1995, Michael Lucas moved to Germany, then to France, where he began modeling and appearing on several European television programs and covers of many European magazines. In 1998, Lucas opened his own production company, Lucas Entertainment, in New York City. Later that year, he made his directorial debut with the well-received Back in the Saddle. This first production sparked the Michael Lucas "renegade" vision that is indelibly New York. Additionally, basing his company in New York City, as opposed to the more traditional Los Angeles, enabled Lucas to showcase the diversity of types and ethnicities found nowhere else. MIchael Lucas started Lucas Distribution, Inc. in 2004 and in 2005. Both are pioneering ventures in the competitive realms of adult video distribution and online media, respectively. In the summer of 2005 he released GayVN's Best Picture of the year, a high-budget adult film remake of Dangerous Liaisons, featuring celebrity cameos from RuPaul, Boy George, Graham Norton, Bruce Vilanch, and Michael Musto. In 2006, filming began on his most buzzed about film ever, Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita. The production included a big-budget fashion show, a sextra-filled club orgy scene, a headline-making fountain scene with Vivid star Savanna Samson. On November 12, 2004, Michael Lucas was proudly sworn in as an American citizen.

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  • david1111 posted an update


    Posted on Sep 28, 2016
  • SinCityboy posted an update

    Why did Demian never return :(

    Posted on Aug 09, 2014
    • thejudge

      What a loss! He was incredibly HOT! Wanted to see a LOT more Dick in his ASS!

      Posted on Aug 09, 2014
    • michaellucas

      his family is Serbia asked him to stop doing porn

      Posted on Aug 11, 2014
    • thejudge

      Well...Family does come first. Wish him well

      Posted on Aug 11, 2014
  • thejudge posted an update

    You've got to track Demian down & bring him back! HOT HOT HOT!

    Posted on May 29, 2014
  • hornyteacher posted an update

    That is absolutely beautiful two men making perfect love. My favorite line...."you like my is all yours."

    Posted on Dec 13, 2013
    • michaellucas

      Yes, this guy is amazing and I hope he will work with us more.

      Posted on Dec 24, 2013
  • CARLOSMIRANDA posted an update

    We need Lucas, Kayden and Woody together in a threesome business scene for the Gentlemen collection. All wearing beautiful suits, shirts, sheer socks and nice glossy shoes. Take off only jacket, shoes, and pants. Keep on shirt, tie and sheer socks all the way up without wrinkles (use garters if necessary to hold them up). Chris Crisco you can make this happens. You know how horny Woody and Lucas will get worshipping Kayden sheer socked legs/feet (never take off the sheer socks from actor - keep on from beginning to end), interchanging position to fuck Kayden and Woody and then Woody and Lucas cumming on Kayden sheer socked feet (at bottom and spreading like butter and licking thru all feet).

    Posted on Aug 18, 2013

      You like my sheer fetishes....I like you

      Posted on Sep 13, 2013

      I am talked to Kayden! How is he doing? I love domination with sheer can see thru those the tattoes and skin...sometime a little bit of clothing make you use imagination more.

      Posted on Sep 15, 2013
    • AlejandroAlvarez

      Posted on Dec 25, 2014
  • KetoR posted an update

    I want more scenes like this!!! Romantic and intense. I can almost feel how much you want each other/love each other/miss each other (even if it's just acting... it's hella good)... More passion, more kissing, more rubbing, more touching... I hate when you kiss for 2 seconds and then go straight to blowjobs and fucking.... I like when you build into it... like in this video... it makes the cum come out of me so much harder when you two actually get fucking... mmmmHHHMmm... so good.

    Posted on Jul 03, 2013
    • sammi

      Every scene with Michael is like this. I love his way of making even the most horny tops just take a slow horny ride to haven

      Posted on Jul 03, 2013
    • sammi


      Posted on Jul 03, 2013
    • KetoR

      Yeah but it's not the same with the "audition" series because all that talking in the beginning takes away from the two people loving and wanting each other so badly.... Very few porn videos do this... I say you can be romantic AND hardcore... it's not a mutually exclusive scenario. Either way I cum to Michael in every video so... at least it gets the job done... =p

      Posted on Jul 03, 2013
    • ga65

      Have you watched the Michael Lucas/ Adam Killian scene from Assassin yet? It\'s a similar sort of scene, you\'d probably like it.

      Posted on Jul 05, 2013
  • fabian32 posted an update

    Michael is always hot and Damian was amazing on this seen.

    Posted on Jun 21, 2013
  • Bear Bottom posted an update

    Amazing! Damian Holt! Everyone's dream man. Damian's body is so perfect, he demands our attention, and Michael's too. He gets both in spades. Michael is so turned on, he really gets into deep fucking Damian with his much adored ten inch hammer. I was locked into the scene, as I watched something I could not believe. There was no passive member here. Two active stallions enjoying the fuck for all it was worth. You will have to see it, to know what I mean. I can't wait to try these stunning moves on my lover. I was dumbstruck watching Michael's iron hard dick take plunges so deep, and then stopping mid fuck to go back down for another taste of Holt's amazing hole. Then Damian, a true sexual athlete, fucks Michael's cock with his ass, in three different positions at least. This is a rare animal, I call them Active Bottoms. So much testosterone in one room. Damian's tight, hard, muscular body, every inch a man. I want to see him top soon. I think he and Arron Blake, would be great together. I am dying to see him fuck a beautiful mans ass. Towards the end of the video, I begin to wonder if Michael can hold out. Are we going to see the first Male to Male inside cum on professional video? Just before cumming Michael says " I want to come inside you Baby." He gets Holt's look of approval before we see the most satisfying finish. I am not going to tell you what happens after that. Let him be a top next time, make it happen Michael! I have to go wash some sheets now...Later!

    Posted on Apr 25, 2013
  • atwoody posted an update

    this really was like watching lovers fucking after too long apart - fantastic stuff, michael. when you fucked his load out, my friend and i couldn't hold back any longer.

    Posted on Apr 04, 2013
    • michaellucas

      this was a great scene. glad you liked it as well. we need a repeat.

      Posted on Apr 09, 2013
  • hank posted an update

    love to suck some ass while being drowned in urine...hank

    Posted on Mar 20, 2013
  • D.o. Fan posted an update

    good Michael.. but please change the setup.. all scenes look similar... same format.. no change.. Please change the format

    Posted on Mar 12, 2013
  • leconte posted an update

    5 March

    Great chemistry!

    Posted on Mar 05, 2013
  • denny27 posted an update

    Loved it!!! Looking forward of seeing more of Demian....He's hot....

    Posted on Mar 03, 2013
  • Garmir posted an update

    i miss the long armpit lick i used to see here in LE..

    Posted on Mar 02, 2013
  • Mudder81 posted an update

    That was watching two lovers not porn stars!

    Posted on Mar 01, 2013
    • leewrd

      write a comment...I agree, and I'm finding that Michael's auditions rival anything else on this site.

      Posted on Jun 01, 2013
  • Gmhphil posted an update

    Congrats and thanks to Michael who never disappoints in finding hot new guys and looking hot as ever!

    Posted on Feb 28, 2013
    • kissnick

      I agree. Lucas is great at finding amazing sexy guys...
      I want more and more...

      Posted on Mar 06, 2013
  • MSChocolate posted an update

    Man what a great scene. You two are perfect together. Look forward to see you again . Mark

    Posted on Feb 27, 2013
    • michaellucas

      It was a hot scene to shoot. Look for more scenes in the future.

      Posted on Feb 27, 2013
  • Eroticus posted an update

    I hope this is the first of a series I think Damien and Michael have a lot more to share. Damien has a gorgeous hole. How hot if Damien wore lipstick there and it came off on Michael's lips. Maybe next time. Loved all the talk!

    Posted on Feb 27, 2013
    • michaellucas

      He sure does. I\'ll let my production team know about your suggestion for future films.

      Posted on Feb 27, 2013
    • Rimmers69

      Posted on Sep 27, 2013
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