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Lucas Exclusive Vito Gallo Fucks Christopher Daniel's Elite Ass

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If Vito is going to earn his prize, then he needs to play by Chris’ game. Filled with both resentment and envy, he takes bartender Adam Killian’s advice and raises money any way possible -- even begging -- to get himself a suit. It’s a transformation: Vito is decked to the nines and ready to impress Chris, who might be a powerful businessman in the world of gentlemen, but behind closed doors he’s a submissive bottom ready to take Vito’s cock, which is substantial in size. Chris first challenges himself to swallow it, opening his throat wide enough to let Vito go balls deep in his mouth. Chris and Vito have strong chemistry as their suits loosen up, and Vito can’t help but lap up Chris’ cock. Along with Chris’ amazing cock is his supple ass, and Vito doesn’t hesitate from taking a taste, and that one lick turns into a full-blown rimjob! The boys get plenty hard with lots of mutual dick sucking before Chris proves just how deep he can handle it. Bending over and exposing his ass completely to Vito, the new boss top enters into the blond bottom balls deep, showing no hesitation and fucking his prize and with fervor! Chris proves his skills as a bottom when he straddles and sits right down on Vito’s cock, riding him until he busts his nut! It’s too much for Vito to take, seeing the man of his dreams cum hard from his fucking, and he too shoots his load on Chris!

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Lucas Exclusive Vito Gallo Fucks Christopher Daniel
Lucas Exclusive Vito Gallo Fucks Christopher Daniel
Lucas Exclusive Vito Gallo Fucks Christopher Daniel
Lucas Exclusive Vito Gallo Fucks Christopher Daniel
Lucas Exclusive Vito Gallo Fucks Christopher Daniel
Lucas Exclusive Vito Gallo Fucks Christopher Daniel
Lucas Exclusive Vito Gallo Fucks Christopher Daniel
Lucas Exclusive Vito Gallo Fucks Christopher Daniel
Hot Businessmen Jessie Colter and Trey Turner Fuck and Swallow Cum
Hot Businessmen Jessie Colter and Trey Turner Fuck and Swallow Cum

Lucas Entertainment exclusive Vito Gallo debuts in the fourth installment of the Gentlemen line as a street-smart writer who can’t keep his eyes off hot blond businessman Chris Daniels. Vito himself is a diamond in the rough: sure he’s hot, but while he lingers at the counter of his favorite bar and admires the executive patrons from afar, he can’t help but feel jealousy. After he misses a chance to say hello to Chris, he focuses on the young hotshots Jessie Colter and Trey Turner. Vito reads their lips: “I want you to fuck me,” Jessie whispers in Trey’s ear. That’s exactly what they do in Jessie’s executive suite when the rest of the office has gone home. They kiss passionately while groping and grinding, removing each piece of their suits slowly. Jessie clears off his desk and hops on top as they kiss, but Trey is more interested in undoing his pants and taking out his hard cock. Trey Turner yanks down Jessie Colter’s underwear and starts swallowing and deep-throating his dick; Jessie moans and grunts with each slurp. Jessie’s lean torso flexes, accented by the light down of fuzz on his chest and stomach. The hot guys reverse and Jessie falls to his knees, taking Trey into his mouth. He stares up at his business partner with needy eyes as he sucks and slurps to please Trey. Both Jessie and Trey lust for each other, and it’s never been so clear as when they exchange rimjobs, which couldn’t be deeper or wetter. It’s a precursor to some hot fucking, and the guys reveal themselves to be the gay pornstars they truly are. Trey bends Jessie over the desk first and fucks him, but Jessie strips off his suit, lays down on the desk, and with his cock hard and tall, invites Trey to sit down on it and take a ride. Jessie’s never been deeper in Trey as he fucks him with loud moans leading up to an intense and explosive gay cum shot!

Executives Parker London and Cameron Marshall Have Office Sex
Executives Parker London and Cameron Marshall Have Office Sex

Vito needs to learn as much as he can about Chris, and he hopes Cameron Marshall will shed some light. When Cameron leaves the bar to put in some overtime at the office, Vito follows him but is locked out. Up in the office, Cameron’s boss, Parker London, takes advantage of his subordinate’s private life by reading aloud his profile from a cruising app. Cameron is speechless, but Parker isn’t interested in talking business: he stands up and plants a kiss on Cameron’s lips. The suited hunks jump into a hot make-out session before Parker sinks to his knees, and to Cameron’s astonishment, starts getting his cock sucked by his boss! Parker loosens up his throat as he swallows and gags on Cameron, who pulls up his shirt so his submissive boss as full access. But it’s not all about Cameron, and if he expects to keep his job he’s got to show Parker the proper attention: this equals an awesome blowjob, and that’s exactly what Cameron provides. Parker isn’t shy about slamming his cock down Cameron’s throat and smacking his handsome face with his erection. Parker then bends Cameron over the desk and uses his tongue and finger to play with his hole. Parker makes Cameron beg for his cock, which he happily sticks up his ass and starts fucking like a gay pornstar! Parker loves talking dirty to Cameron while he spreads out defenseless on the boss’ desk. The hot guys in suits flip around and Cameron shoves his dick deep inside Parker, who is spread eagle on the desk! The holiday bonus comes early when they blow their loads of cum!

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  • bowles posted an update

    If Michael Lucas states that some "Lucas Man" has "An Elite Arse", it is clear from the outset that Vito will give his bottom, The Works", on that red- hot sofa.
    Fair-haired, unsuspecting Christopher Daniels really got riddled, and severely pounded by Vito`s truly superb grinding arse. I think that at one stage his balls did actually forcefully enter Christopher`s troubled hole....Ever heard of Daniel being in "The Lion`s Den ?
    Vito Gallo is blessed with enviable brown flesh, and I admire the tattoo designed exclusively for his , the leanest and lethal of groins, with a light coloured film of pubic hair growing over it.
    Vito Gallo truly knows how to be super-sexy. He was, however, well- matched with Christopher Daniels. An Epic Performance by both Porn Stars.

    Posted on Mar 16, 2015
  • CARLOSMIRANDA posted an update

    Will love to see Christopher Daniels in suit and sheer socks (no shoes on) like in Gentlemen 4...He is so adorable and natural in movies. Crossing my fingers!

    Posted on Jul 01, 2014
  • hot28mate posted an update

    Christopher Daniels is amazing. Boy this hot guy can sure deep a hot thick cock. So hard just watching him deep hottie Vito Gallo nine inch cock. I think Vito was even amazed on it. He. loved it and could tell they both enjoyed the passion and sex they had.

    Posted on Jun 30, 2014
    • michaellucas

      Thank you. Christopher\'s first BB scene will be out shortly!

      Posted on Jul 01, 2014

      Christopher is so hot in sheer socks...hope to see in the near future him ahain in suit and sheer socks (without shoes).

      Posted on Jul 01, 2014
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