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Adam Killian Romances Jake Genesis

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Adam Killian has had his eye on Jake Genesis for a while now, and he’s finally figured out the perfect opportunity to seduce him. Adam offers Jake an all-expense paid vacation in a Costa Rican villa. Adam doesn’t waste any time letting Jake know what he wants: their first evening together they watch the sunset before moving in for some kissing and swimming in the pool. Adam doesn’t restrain himself -- he pulls out Jake’s hard cock and starts playing with it and sucking it, enjoying his long-sought prize. Jake bends over and offers his ass to Adam, who makes loves to it with the hottest passion possible!

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Adam Killian Romances Jake Genesis - Gay Movies - Lucas Entertainment
Adam Killian Romances Jake Genesis - Gay Movies - Lucas Entertainment
Adam Killian Romances Jake Genesis - Gay Movies - Lucas Entertainment
Adam Killian Romances Jake Genesis - Gay Movies - Lucas Entertainment
Adam Killian Romances Jake Genesis - Gay Movies - Lucas Entertainment
Adam Killian Romances Jake Genesis - Gay Movies - Lucas Entertainment
Adam Killian Romances Jake Genesis - Gay Movies - Lucas Entertainment
Adam Killian Romances Jake Genesis - Gay Movies - Lucas Entertainment

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  • jyou1 posted an update

    Absolutely incredible and hot scene. It only took about 5 minutes into this scene for my cock to start throbbing and get rock hard then after that it was a fight for me not to grab my cock and start stroking it to this hot scene with Adam and Jake as my cock was just begging to be pleasured. The sex was incredible, the chemistry was there, and as I stroked my cock and watched it all I could think about is fantazising that I was right in the middle of it. I did have to stop stroking myself more then one time as the sex was so good in that scene I would have easily cummed well before the end of it and I wanted to save my load until the very end. I struggled to do that but when Adam and Jake finally let go of their loads I ended up letting go of one of the most explosive loads of cum I ever had. Sitting back in my computer chair with my legs up on the computer desk I let go of rope after rope of hot thick sticky cum that landed on my stomach, chest, and a few caught me in the chin and mouth. I let go of one of the biggest loads of cum I ever had and a little messy as you could imagine. But that being said it was more then worth it. The sex in this scene was top notch and got me off real good. All I could do is fantasize I was in that scene with my favorite gay porn star Adam and was the one having sex with him in front of the cameras. It just absolutely drove me crazy as I stroked my cock just thinking about it and the setting of having that hot sex by the pool with Adam has been one of my ultimate fantasies so this scene was just a perfect fit for me. This scene is one of the best I have watched on here and was done top notch. It ended up getting very messy with me watching it with all that cum I shot over myself but was well worth it. I just wish that I could have had Adam there working my cock over for me and finishing me off by shooting his load all over my face. :-) Well that is it. This one is going straight into my favorites and now I got to go to the shower to clean all this sticky cum off of

    Posted on Feb 05, 2016
  • NeilMark posted an update

    I am sad that the sex between 2 such beautiful men should have to be ruined by that God-awful soundtrack. The fucking and sucking were great but it wasn't a fucking ballet. Get rid of that music. It was like 70's porn. I just was so agitated throughout, the first time for a Lucas Entertainment film. Just letting you know how I feel. Brian

    Posted on Oct 03, 2015
  • jjmspooner posted an update

    OMG!!!!! I just came across Jake the other day. He is gorgeous, a ruggedly handsome stud. I love his hairy ass and legs. He knows how to act in front of the camera. Then of course there is ADAM....Adam you never cease to amaze me. Every square inch of your body is so hot and that killer smile. You seem to love every scene you are in. Does anybody know how to work an ass better than Adam? One other guy is right there with him. Guess who. I see Jake hasn't done anything for awhile any chance will see more of him?

    Posted on Dec 30, 2014
  • thejudge posted an update

    Jake took Adams cock good!!!

    Posted on Aug 04, 2014
  • ga65 posted an update

    I totally agree with Greyan's comments, a gorgeous, gorgeous scene. There were shots so visually beautiful I gasped, like 2:18-2:30. It's a joy to see Adam in a slower, sensual scene like this, because he doesn't get many of them. Don't misunderstand me, I love his "King of the Jungle" scenes like life itself, but its nice to see the full breadth of his skill set when the pace slows down, too. I'm fine with music when the sex is slower as long as I can still hear some human sounds as well, though I do prefer faster, harder scenes without music. At times, Jake seemed puzzlingly unresponsive especially compared to the previous scene he and Adam did together. Maybe he was already mentally on the way out during the shoot. But his performance was certainly adequate, and everything else about the scene top flight.

    Posted on Jun 22, 2013
  • Greyan posted an update

    Another fantastic scene. Of all the background music used this has been my favourite but what really makes this stand out it that it was a visual triumph. Its not only the overall vistas and the use of directional sunlight, but it was stunning even in the small details like for instance the mosaics lining the pool sparkled. Well, I thought it was a top quality production and those that made it are very talented. [I did think it was a shame to move the scene into the shower when the outside setting was so stunning but that is the only tiny negative and I still had the men to look at :)]
    And what can I say about Mr Killian and Mr Genesis, beautiful to look at and beautiful together. Such a shame Jake has decided not to carry on in porn, he seems a natural performer. And Adam has poven his talent many times over. Fantastic stuff!!

    Posted on Jun 22, 2013
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