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Jeffrey Lloyd Cheats On Manuel Skye With Max Arion

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Manuel Skye adores his young partner, Max Arion, but Max is the first to admit that he has an out-of-control wandering eye. Manuel does what he can to embrace Max’s sexual energy, and even fantasies about it sometimes. Manuel Skye imagines what the sexual encounter between Max Arion and the beautiful tourist Jeffrey Lloyd was like, and his imagination runs wild!

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Jeffrey Lloyd Cheats On Manuel Skye With Max Arion - Gay Movies - Lucas Entertainment
Jeffrey Lloyd Cheats On Manuel Skye With Max Arion - Gay Movies - Lucas Entertainment
Jeffrey Lloyd Cheats On Manuel Skye With Max Arion - Gay Movies - Lucas Entertainment
Jeffrey Lloyd Cheats On Manuel Skye With Max Arion - Gay Movies - Lucas Entertainment
Jeffrey Lloyd Cheats On Manuel Skye With Max Arion - Gay Movies - Lucas Entertainment
Jeffrey Lloyd Cheats On Manuel Skye With Max Arion - Gay Movies - Lucas Entertainment
Jeffrey Lloyd Cheats On Manuel Skye With Max Arion - Gay Movies - Lucas Entertainment
Jeffrey Lloyd Cheats On Manuel Skye With Max Arion - Gay Movies - Lucas Entertainment

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Max Arion
Max Arion

Max Arion is an Australian born hunk with an incredible 10-inch uncut cock between his legs, and he knows how to use it. Matched with his puppy-dog good looks and manly gym body, it’s all of these alpha-male attributes that led Max into the world of gay porn as an exclusive model for Lucas Entertainment. In Max’s own words: “I’ve always been sexually adventurous and comfortable in my own skin. I’ve been doing life modeling for photographers and artists for years. In that time I became more comfortable with more erotic ideas and expressing my sexual and creative side. Sex for me is an important part of my life that I enjoy sharing, so this seemed like a fun and adventurous next step. Max has been a Lucas Entertainment fan for years, and he wanted to join up with the studio he’s enjoyed watching to get off. “I was excited to have my industry debut with a company that’s content I enjoyed myself. The fact they have some of the sexiest men in gay porn and I’ll get to work with them, that’s the cherry on top.” Max had a lot of fun the first time he was on location filming with the studio, and it took the whole experience of showing off his body and sex appeal to a new level, all while working with a great cast and crew. “Everyone is uplifting and helpful. Having fun, hanging out, the great sex in these amazing locations… it is pretty wild." Max is more than just a handsome guy with a huge uncut dick, though. He's also an intellectual who researches and writes for a living, and is a proud bookworm. "If I have sexy adventures, a happy mind and body, and a good book, then I am content."

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  • Frederic posted an update

    Too bad Jeffrey's chest is shaved here.

    Posted on Aug 18, 2020
  • Mark in SF posted an update

    These guys are both great, and it was excellent that they fucked each other in so many positions, but I think their noisy enthusiasm came across as too loud and distracting. They aren't good enough actors to talk so much, Manuel Skye possibly excepted.

    Posted on Jun 02, 2020
  • Sensualist posted an update

    who is the nitwit lighting these scenes? it's porn; you're supposed to be able to see their cocks when they're fucking.

    Posted on Aug 12, 2019
    • michaellucas

      I can see everything clearly.... anyone else can\'t see cocks when they are fucking?

      Posted on Aug 14, 2019
    • Sensualist

      Look at what should be the climax of the scene (around 18 minutes in) dark shadow over Max's cock as he fucks Jeffrey. Other people have commented on this recurring problem, not just me. See below by Hunky. It's not the end of the world, of course.

      Posted on Aug 14, 2019
    • icelandmen

      You know a studio is most certainly in the wrong hands when a well meaning and accurate patron has to give the head honcho of the studio some basic lessons in porn filmmaking. Yes, of course you're correct, Sensualist. Lucas, please cut out the bs arrogance and learn to respect the opinions and tastes of the men -like myself - that are helping to make you a pretty penny. Yes, absoulutely LE is still an excellent studio, but you're not the last can of Coke in the desert. Try to learn and grow. It's the responsible and proffesional thing to do. Thank you.

      Posted on Aug 30, 2019
    • Sensualist

      write a comment...Thanks, Icelandmen, for backing me up on this. Not sure why he singled me out for comment, but let's just say it's put a damper on my interest in LE, despite being a paying member.

      Posted on Aug 31, 2019
    • Sensualist

      And, btw, these are two of the most exciting men on the site (at least to my thinking); otherwise, I wouldn't have commented.

      Posted on Aug 31, 2019
    • icelandmen

      write a comment...You're welcome. Just saying the truth. I can't understand why Lucas doesn'thave enough proffesionalism and common courtesy to listen to what his customers have to say, especially when it is a common problem with the studio and so many of the men complain about it. To be clear, I love LE. Certainly one of the best and for me, no, it's not just because of Max and Jeffrey. Lucas' problem seems to be that he truly does think his material, as great as it is, truly is the last can of Coke in the desert. it's not. There are many options. I choose to still very much stay with this studio despite the assholeery of the executive because I know the men performing are not at fault and they make the studio what it is, not Lucas at all. Why the devil punish them by leaving when they ARE the studio. Any proffesional man what a bit of decency and generql goodwill gets this, but Lucas in his seeming megalomania gets offended that a hard working man who is happilly willing to pay some of his money to LE has constructive critisicsm and some gripes. I've had the misfortune of following Lucas on social media and the man is a pompous, intolerant jerk that doesn't seem to realize that sooner rather than later his comeuppence is due. That attitude wouldn't last a day in mainstream business. He's lucky to have customers like you and me who don't get our porn from some tube site and dedicate some of our time and money to his studio. Ok, there, I vented. Btw, that's why I don't follow him on social media anymore, since I know you were about to ask - ha ha ha. Have a nice day.

      Posted on Sep 02, 2019
  • kissnick posted an update

    Very nice pairing !
    Jeffrey Lloyd is such a hot guy with his adorable face and huge dick.
    Max Arion is quite hot as well, so it's no surprise those two guys can be so hot to watch together

    Posted on Jul 20, 2019
  • PaulyWhite posted an update

    Potentially the best damn video I’ve ever seen. Thank you.

    Posted on Jul 17, 2019
  • skip woods posted an update

    Good and hot scene. Lots of chemistry between Jeffrey and Max.

    Posted on Jul 14, 2019
  • leewrd posted an update

    Un grand spectacle. Two huge dicks stretching each other (the four finger fucking, wow). Lots of guys are complaining about the lighting but Max' white skin appears more luminous and makes him such a riveting eyeful as he takes it.

    Posted on Jul 14, 2019
  • HotBoy posted an update

    Great scene & a great pairing. Loved seeing Max take Jeffrey's big cock all the way up him & down his throat, awesome. Disappointing cum shots for me, would have preferred to see facials or some snowballing with the cum but other than that a fantastic scene.

    Posted on Jul 13, 2019
  • Hunky posted an update

    The lighting is terrible! Good thing the sex is HOT!

    Posted on Jul 13, 2019
  • blackroser posted an update

    It’s an amazing scene. I LOVE JEFFREY. He’s always hot, and it’s exciting to see him top and bottom. This guy manages each situation with a great sex appeal and control. Max Arion is a great guy and professional performer. But my fave is Mr. Lloyd... the sex assertive and hot man I ever seen. Each time is like having sex with him... I’m amazed by this guy!

    Posted on Jul 12, 2019
  • sdsr posted an update

    Great pair who interact really well. It would have been even better if less of the fucking were hidden by shadows and more had been done with their cum. A hot scene nevertheless.

    Posted on Jul 12, 2019
  • CamLex456 posted an update

    This was a much better scene than I thought it would be. I enjoyed the hell out of this one!

    Posted on Jul 12, 2019
  • PaulC posted an update

    Epic scene! Amazing to see how they eagerly destroy each other's hole.

    Posted on Jul 12, 2019
  • rextrek posted an update

    Two Of my can tell great chemistry...vers...WOOF Factor XXX"s

    Posted on Jul 04, 2019
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