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Ben Andrews and Derrick Hanson

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Christian tells Alexander the scoop, and Alexander has a chat with Benny (Lucas exclusive Ben Andrews) before casting him in his first scene as Ben Hardwick! Ben plays "whose is bigger" in the scene opposite a hot model (Derrick Hanson), who drops his ruler in shock at Ben's massive endowment. The crew is in shock as Ben uses his tool to give Derrick a good drilling and a new porn super-stud is born!

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RUSH is Highly, Highly Recommended!
RUSH is Highly, Highly Recommended!

ManNet found RUSH's red room and lived to tell the tale. Here's what they had to say! *** Highly, Highly Recommended *** Whether a secret room in New York where men can have hot, anonymous sex is real or whether it is the figment of someone's imagination, it's a great idea for a set-up. In "Rush," directors Michael Lucas and mr. Pam make the trysting spot look like the hottest place in the world, not just in NYC. Smoking-hot Avi Dar and hung stud Shane Frost are the first couple to use the privacy of the secret locale, and Shane's big cock is raring to go from the fade-in. Avi and Shane kiss, trade sensationally hot blowjobs, and then Avi gets very familiar with Shane's tight, pink hole, eating it out, fingering it, and finally, slam-fucking it. Avi's taut, well-built body looks fantastic as he plows Shane from behind, his ass flexing with each thrust, and Shane moaning and smacking it at the same time. Shane jerks out a load while Avi is fucking him missionary, and while Shane's cream drips off his navel tattoo, Avi adds his to the big pool already on Shane's belly. The key that men pass from one another to access the room then ends up in the hands of hot Brian Bodine, who uses it to have a great encounter with tattooed Spencer Reed. Spencer announces his intent from the jump: he wants Brian's curvy ass. He gets it, too, but not before the two studs have sucked face and blown each other. Spencer goes for Brian's ass with his tongue first, spitting on it, rimming it, and holding onto Brian's bubble-butt cheeks while he tongue-fucks it. Slowly, Spencer buries his thick pole inside Brian next, and the fuck moves from doggy to missionary. Spencer's puffy pink nipples, rock-hard abs, and pile-driving dick make this scene one to repeat. Spencer unloads in Brian's gaping mouth to end this very hot encounter. Sami Damo and Shay are the next pair to use the sex den, and Shay is already out and hard when Sami walks in with the key. The oral sequence includes a toe-curling 69 act, and then Sami fucks Shay hard, driving into his ass forcefully and rhythmically. It looks like a hell of a lot of fun to by fucked by this dynamo. After Shay shoots a load, Sami feeds him his cum upside down, and Shay's bearded face is coated with the extra cream. The key next moves into the possession of Ace Rockwood and Jesse Martin, both of whom are tightly built. Ace pops a boner just kissing Jesse and feeling up his creamy smooth asscheeks, and Jesse does his best to go down on the big monster cock, although it certainly isn't a feat that most guys could do easily, it's truly huge. Jesse's taut butt is wondrously hot, and Ace obviously knows he's got a better-than-average hole to use and please. He goes to work on it, savoring the taste, and teasing it with his fingers. The guys go back to oral for a while, but then Jesse gets on all-fours and takes Ace's cock doggy, then missionary, and he takes it deep. Jess has what looks like cum or pre-cum on his belly as he's being pounded by Ace, but that doesn't stop the big stud, he just keeps on fucking Jesse's hot hole. The last couple to make use of the room are Johnny Angel and R.J. Alexander. Johnny and R.J. kiss, get naked, and play with each other's holes and dicks until they move into a unique standing rimjob position. Johnny fucks R.J. fast, jackrabbit style, and R.J. approves with moans and groans. While Johnny keeps up the fast pace, R.J. matches it with strokes to his own cock, rubbing it until his load explodes. Johnny feeds R.J. his own cum, and then Johnny sweatily delivers his pop-shot as R.J. kisses him open-mouthed. Moral of the story: If you find a key on the sidewalks of New York, pick it up!

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